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Black Panther Movie Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween you can rise to the occasion and blow your friend's away with a DIY Black Panther costume. Follow these steps and you will be sure to impress everyone at your next Halloween party.

• Blank Panther Outfit

Of course, you can always purchase a Black Panther costume at your local Halloween store, but it is possible to make one yourself. To start, you will need to purchase a leather one-piece suit. If the leather is too hot, you can purchase a fabric, but tightfitting, cloth one piece.

Wear large black boots that end about midcalf or just below the knee. Using gold marker, draw to "V"s at the top of the boot. Next, using a gold or silver marker/paint, draw various geometric shapes throughout the thighs, torso, back, and arms. Various portrayals of Black Panther show different designs, but most of them include a series of hexagons and Vs.

Next, use gold construction paper and draw Black Panther's trademark necklace, featuring various ridges. Using a piece of elastic or string, allow for it to drape over your head and stay in place on your neck. Next, you can purchase an old cat mask (or simply cut a mask out of black construction paper).

Paint the mask entirely black and proceed to draw similar geometric shapes along the forehead and under the cheeks. Though the costume is complete, no Black Panther representation is accurate without a fierce sense of righteousness and a desire to save Wakanda.

• Erik Kilmonger Outfit

To create an Erik Killmonger costume, wear tightfitting black or blue athletic pants. Wear a skintight, long-sleeve under armor top. Next, purchase a plastic chest/armor from a craft or Halloween store and paint the shoulder straps orange.

Make the rest of it silver, and sprinkle some dirt or brown splotches of paint to make it seem as though you have been in a fierce battle. Without his shirt, Killmonger has various scars throughout his body.

To recreate this effect, apply liquid prosthetic liberally throughout your abdomen and down your arms. While it is still wet, try your best to create the "dimpled" scarring shown above. I recommend using the bottom of a Lego and pressing it all throughout the prosthetic core. However you choose to recreate Killmonger's iconic look, make sure you always carry around his fierce attitude as well.

If you show up to your next party dressed as T'Challa or Killmonger, people will most definitely bow to you in reverence of the great Wakanda. Indeed, some of the DIY components may be a bit difficult to implement, as this is an advanced costume, but just make sure you have fun in the process and you'll be an honorary member of the Marvel Universe!

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