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Wizard Of OZ Halloween Costume Ideas

There are only few stories that can be labeled as legendary and the Wizard of Oz is certainly one of them. This is a story with several exceptional characters loved by modern kids, teens and adults. So before we get whisked away to Oz, I've included a short list of costume ideas.


The main focus in the story is placed on Dorothy. Given her age and appearance, Dorothy is a perfect costume for every girl. Dorothy can be easily recognized by her blue gingham style jumper worn over a white blouse with short sleeves. She has braided pigtails and holds a hand basket.

If you don't have the necessary length for the hair you can buy a wig. Remember that Dorothy is accompanied by her faithful dog Toto. If you have a small dog you can bring it with you otherwise you can get a dog toy. Dorothy also wears plain red shoes.

The Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch of the West is another popular Halloween costume. She is known for her specific appearance - a completely black dress, pointy hat and carries a broom. What makes this costume unique is her green skin (use green Halloween paint in order to get this special scary effect).

The Good Witch

If the Wicked Witch costume is too dark, you might go with the Good Witch costume. Her name is Glenda and she lives in the northern part of Oz. Glenda is beautiful woman and is someone you would see in a fairy tale. She has a tall crown, ball gown in pink color and a magic wand. All these elements are quite easy to prepare, you just need to unleash your imagination and you will look spectacular.

The Scarecrow

Another popular character in Oz is the scarecrow. For this costume you'll need to find a forest green shirt and brown pants. Be sure to stuff your shit and pants with straw. Paint your mouth, nose, ears blue to represent your face. (Be sure to use appropriate Halloween face paint only!) Finally wear an old pointed hat to complete the look.

Tin Man

Do you remember the Tin Man? Of course you do. This is one of the three characters that accompany Dorothy in Oz. Tin Man is a male character, but female children should feel free to wear this costume. Tin Man is the character with the most specific outfit. The easiest way to become a Tin Man is to find a full body suit in silver color. The only details that must be modified is the use of a special funnel hat and the ax in hand.

The Cowardly Lion

This is another good pal of Dorothy's. The costume is especially suitable for children and teens that are naturally fun and have an acting talent. In order to make a costume like this, you will need brown sweatpants and hoodie. In addition, you can use a curly wig or even fur pieces if possible. You don't need furry slippers or face paint, but if you can find these items you will make the costume look even more attractive and realistic.

Finally, as with any Halloween makeover, be sure you use only approved Halloween face and body paint and read the instructions thoroughly before applying to your skin.

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