Nuclear Meltdown Halloween Costume Ideas

In the not-too-distant future, a rogue group of social outcasts will gain political power and overthrow the United States government. Basic necessities such as food and water will be in short supply. Shelter is difficult to find. Most nuclear power plants will remain active; however due to neglect many will leak radioactive material. On a positive note, this dystopian nightmare does make for some intriguing Halloween costume ideas.

Doctor Smiles

Mutations are a natural side-effect of the nuclear apocalypse, and poor Doctor Smiles has a hole where his mouth should be, so his name is ironic. Fortunately, the costume will include a surgical mask, so you don't have to worry about that part.

As for the costume itself, well, a doctor's outfit for a costume is easy enough to find, since it's a pretty common costume. For an additional touch, a radioactive or nuclear symbol can be added to coat. Other personal touches, like a stethoscope or clipboard, can be added as desired for a personal touch.


Silly movie, grisly costume concept. Effectively, part of your face is coming off due to radiation sickness. While the outfit doesn't really matter, the skin effect definitely does. When it comes to makeup and prosthetic skin, this one is on the more involved side. The makeup itself is easy enough to find, as special effects makeup is designed for just such purposes. More involved effects can also be found thanks to their use in theater and the like.

As for pulling off the effects, guides can be found online, but the basics with regular makeup apply as well. The first layers need to be placed and built upon to create the contrasts, depth, and effects needed for the costume. Fake skin can be made from gels and painted to suit the needs of the costume. With both, keep potential allergies and sensitive skin in mind, as fake skin and makeup can irritate both.


Rather than the more graphic and direct faceoff costume, this one is more about burns across the body, with a missing eye if you so choose. This makes the costume heavily dependent on makeup skills, since the clothes really don't matter. Gray or orange colors for the skin are great options, but you could also go with a green, potentially a fluorescent green if you can find the makeup. For the eye, an eye patch or cloth to cover one is the easiest way to go about the process, and also the safest.

Applying the makeup will take some time and care, since you might want to go for a layered, textured look. Hands, arms, and face will be the main focus areas, and really all you need to worry about. The legs can be done up too if needed. The same caution concerning skin irritation applies here as with other such costumes, too, of course. While not pleasant to consider, the nuclear wasteland sure does make for some grisly costumes.

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