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Nautical Costume Ideas

Women's Sailor Costume

While some might think that Halloween costumes need to be expensive and elaborate endeavors, the truth is that costumes can be made effectively without breaking the bank or resorting to store bout options. Here's how to put the costume together without getting your feet wet.

To start, a white and navy blue makes for an easy sailor outfit. You can also go for a skipper outfit with a blue shirt. As long as you're playing with the cloth, consider fashioning a vest, mix up the colors, add a tricorn hat, and now you have a pirate costume.

For a saucier costume, reducing the amount of fabric and tightening up the vest are easy enough, or go for a short skirt instead. Since the main colors involved are white and navy blue for sailing, and black and brown for pirates, the materials won't be hard to find or expensive. As can happen in some costuming situations, making the hat might be the hardest part.

Men's Captain Costume

Making a captain's outfit can be tricky on your own, but a sailor's outfit can prove easy enough with the right colors. Alternatively, for a sexier look, harkens back to the raunchy '70's by donning a Hawaiian shirt and mustache for the perfectly sexy Magnum, P.I. costume. Some might call that a stretch, but only because they're jealous, especially because with this costume you won't need a hat.

Another approach (as show in the picture above) is to were a nice blue shirt with buttons open, exposing your male chest - add a captains hat to complete the outfit. You can also go with a skipper's outfit is pretty easy too, just with the women. If you want to get real classic, Gilligan's outfit was a pair of pants, a red shirt, and an old fishing hat. Finding one of those, or making one from a spare kit, shouldn't prove too hard.

Making your own costumes is a great way to demonstrate some holiday creativity. Some people don't mind shelling out for expensive costume making supplies and materials, and as a result they can make some truly stunning outfits.

For those with a more modest budget, there are still plenty of costume ideas that don't require a lot of involved materials or costs. A few well handled shirts, pants, and pieces of felt can do wonders if they're properly handled and decorated.

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