Mummy Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Mummy Halloween Costume Ideas

If your looking to put together a costume that you can write to your mummy about this season? Well, why not take a cue from the ancient Egyptians and go to your next Halloween party as an undead king or even the queen of the Nile.

• Mummy Creation

Mummy costumes are the easiest to create, even if your funds are limited. If you're really hurting for cash, you can try wrapping yourself in paper, but obviously this would come apart much too easily. Instead, look for some old white or off-white T-shirts, something ratty that you don't mind tearing up. From there you can slowly link the pieces and have a friend wrap them along your limbs and torso.

Just be careful not to do it too tightly! Make sure that you're able to walk around and wave your arms more or less freely. You're going to need to be able to ladle some juice from the punch bowl, after all. When it comes to your head, you're going to want to wrap it up extra loosely and leave openings between layers for your eyes and mouth.

Alternatively, you can use nicer fabric from the fabric store, or you can buy actual gauze bandages (though this can become costly very quickly). Regardless, you can wrap yourself just as you would when using the cheap approach. Another idea is to buy a commercial mummy costume for Halloween. Once you're all wrapped up, add some finishing touches - a little bit of blood, some loosely hanging bandages, and an ankh or two should do the trick.

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