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Money Halloween Costume Ideas

Has anyone every told you that you�re �right on the money?� Well, if they haven�t before, then maybe they will if you wear a money-themed costume. Whether you want to be rich, or you just like Benjamin Franklin�s portrait, you are sure to be a hit at the party. Here is how you put a costume like this together:

Money Hat

The first thing you�re going to need is a hat with a print in the style of 100-dollar bills (or whatever your local currency is). You can find this easily at a party store, but if you�re cheap, you can make your own by taping a bunch of single dollar bills to a baseball cap.

If you�re really cheap, you can use Monopoly money to do this instead. Just make sure you don�t photocopy any real money, or else the Secret Service will be after you. Alternatively, you can also just have a hat with a bunch of dollar signs on it. It�s up to you.

Money Jacket & Pants

Just like the hat, you�ll want an outfit that is printed with cash. It might look tacky, but it fits the theme. Try to find a jacket and pants with the same exact print as the hat, so that it all matches. If you can�t find this, then try something contrasting, like dollar bills for the hat and dollar signs for the outfit.


Take the occasion as a chance to wear tacky gold chains and earrings with dollar signs on them. Bring around a wad of fake money to throw at people if you�re going to a Halloween party. Make it rain! Again, just make sure the money is fake, unless your rich.

If you don�t like the fake cash idea, you can also find little tissues that are shaped and printed like a 100-dollar bill. Pass them out to people so that they can mop up their tears of joy when they see you. Ready to show your friends that you�re �in the money?� Wear a money-themed costume this year and draw some attention!

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