Mime Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Mime Halloween Costume Ideas

Mimes are those performance artists you see making strange body motions, and pretending to not have the ability to speak. The Halloween mime costume is easy to put together from stuff you've probably already got in your own wardrobe.

• Requirements

White face paint. Black or red lipstick. Black eyeliner pen or pencil A horizontally striped, black and white t-shirt, short or long sleeve, preferably a boat neck but this part isn't crucial. A pair of long black tight fitting pants (jeans will do). A pair of suspenders (preferably black). A beret (preferably a black one). Black liquid eyeliner. White gloves, and converse or black flats.

• The Costume

The most important part of your mime costume is the white face paint applied to your face. It is not necessary to paint the entire face and neck. You can simply paint the front area of your face in an oval shape lined in black eyeliner. But if you want to really stand out, you can go all white, like in the image above. Take a black eyeliner pencil and paint some tears running about halfway down the cheek, then use the same pencil to strongly define your eyelids and your eyebrows. Fake eyelashes can be added for more of a dramatic effect.

Apply the black or red lipstick. You can either do a cupid's bow effect like in the above image, and fill in the rest of the lip with white face paint, or you could just apply it normally. The rest of the mime costume is quite simple. Just put the rest of the clothes on. And don't forget the beret. Hair can be whatever you feel like. You can even wear an outrageous wig if you want.

A really cool idea for Halloween is to go dressed as horror themed mime, like a Zombie Mime, or a Serial Killer Mime, this look can be achieved by simply adding some special effects makeup tricks like wounds decaying flesh and fake blood. Accessorize with a straightjacket and a fake plastic bloody axe or butchers knife. The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

• Act Like A Mime

Mimes use only their body movements to communicate. Using gestures, facial expressions, and their posture achieve this. Practice in front of a mirror. Try exaggerating your movements in order to convey what you want. A full-length mirror is really helpful, or a video camera, to watch back and get your act on point.

One of the funniest of the mimes techniques is pretending to be trapped in a box. This is achieved by identifying its corners and sides, with your hands, first your palm and then with your fingers. Running them up and down its "edges" as if you are trying to find a way out.

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