Men's Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for some fun Halloween costume ideas to show off to your friends and family? The more thought you put into your costume ahead of time, the better it will likely turn out. For truly scary costumes, classic themes are usually the best...

Boxer Costume

Let's Get Ready To Rumble - By Christopher Tyson

Nothing is more manly than purposefully getting punched in the face repeatedly, which is why so many people admire the tenacity of boxers. Why not pay homage to this great sport and dress up as a boxer yourself this Halloween?

• Boxing Shorts

Most boxers wear little else than shorts, and they should be easy enough to come by. Try looking for boxing shorts at a second-hand store, or check out a sports retailer if you can't find one there. You might also try a pre-made boxer costume, which is even better because it usually will come with a few accessories, too.

• Gloves and Equipment

To really play the role of a boxer well, you're going to need a pair of boxing gloves and a mouth guard at least. These can often be found for cheap at big box retailers or sports stores. Pre-made boxer costumes often come with fake gloves as well. Another nice touch would be a white towel that you can drape over your shoulders. You could also have one of those squirting water bottles.

• Blood and Bruises

If you're getting constantly beat up, then you're going to need a few signs of abuse. Make a fake bruise on your eye with make up, and have some fake blood trickling from your forehead. You could also drench your head with water to emulate sweat, if you're not normally sweaty enough yourself. Ready to beat someone senseless? Wear a boxer costume this Halloween and resolve all of your quarrels in the ring!

Zombie Costume

Flesh Eating Dead - By Mike Zombie

The walking dead that have only basic motor and mental function - their only purpose is to walk the earth in search of is food. Of course, we don't have to mention that their favorite meal is human flesh and blood. Here's how to put such an apoplectic costume together:

First, use makeup to lighten your skin (and make it look pale or even grayish). You can use some color or ketchup on your lips and around your mouth in order to get fake blood stains. The clothes don't really matter, but if you are wearing a shirt try to make it look messy, leave it out of your pants partially and leave your shoes untied. Of course a ripped shirt can make the effect look more real.

Furthermore, you can behave like a zombie that hasn't eaten for a while. In order to achieve this look, use even lighter colors on your skin (some parts can be white), forget the fake blood and just walk slowly, without expression on your face.

There are many things that lead to the creation of one zombie and one of the most common ways is to get bitten by a zombie. A person that is turning into a zombie has a specific appearance and you can use it for your Zombie costume for Halloween. In this stage, people are slowly turning into zombies who can be easily seen by the look of their veins (they are becoming darker and more noticeable so use some colors to make them look like that).

This means that it is better to use some shirt without sleeves. Emphasize the veins on your neck and face too. Of course, don't forget to highlight the place where you were bitten (in most cases your neck). While it's true that zombies are dead and not getting older, it is also true that their bodies slowly degrade. So, another good idea is to become a rotting zombie. Expose some parts of the body where you will show your rotten skin. Use stickers that represent open wounds or bones.

Finally, you can use some popular movies, TV shows or games to get inspired for this Halloween costume. For example, try to look like the zombies from the popular game called Plants vs. Zombies or the zombies from the movie World War Z, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later etc. Using some of these costumes for Halloween will surely make this celebration even more fun.

Joker Costume

Joking Around - By Cesar Romero

Most people like to be the hero, but maybe you're feeling a little villainous this Halloween. Great! It's the perfect time to throw together a Joker costume and finally pay homage to the bad guys for a change.

• TV Show Joker

You remember that old cheesy Batman TV show from the 60's? Those were simpler times, when people's hearts were a little less dark, and the media reflected that. If you want to remind people of the good old days, or else just go for an ironic twist on the usual Joker costume, you might want to try 1960's Joker.

The first thing you'll need is a light purple / magenta suit (like in the comics), with a black tie and a green shirt underneath. Next, slather your face in cheap white makeup, and grab some of your girlfriend's lipstick or some bright red makeup for the clownish smile. Joker's mouth is kind of strangely shaped very pointy almost like Salvador Dali's mustache. Finally, get some green spray-on hair dye or find a wig that is bright green.

• Earlier Movie Options

There are several different incarnations to choose from when it comes to a suitable movie Joker. If you'd like, you can go with the Batman series of the late 80's and early 90's by Tim Burton. In this case, swap the black tie for a blue one and wear a gold shirt underneath your purple suit.

Your red lips will be less pronounced than TV Show Joker, but the red makeup should still come off the edges of your mouth like a Glasgow smile. As before, you'll have green hair and a white face.

• Dark Knight Options

If you are a fan of The Dark Knight incarnation of joker, then your look will be a bit more on the messy side. While green, your hair should be mussed and possibly showing roots. Your makeup job should be questionable, with smeared clown lips, and your suit, shirt, and tie should be a bit more contemporary.

Sheriff Costume

Law And Order - By Dick Wolf

Howdy, partner! Nothing recalls old America like a Western Sheriff on the prowl for lawless bandits. Make yourself into the personification of pure justice by wearing a Western Sheriff Halloween costume this year. Here are some ideas on how to put one together:

• Outfit

As a sheriff, you're probably going to want to dress in black. Wear a nice Western dress shirt with a black vest and a pair of black pants. Some leather chaps would pull the look together even more. Drape yourself in an old West-style long black jacket and don't forget to add the gun holster. One way to make this easier is to get a pre-made sheriff outfit from a party store. Wild West costumes like these are very common.

• Headgear And Footgear

Part of having authority is having a big hat, so make sure that you get a large black sheriff's hat to complete your look. On the other end, you're going to need a pair of dark boots that you will use to crush the enemies of the law.

• Accessories

There are a few things that The Law can't do without out in the old West. First of all, you will need a gun in order to stop those varmints right in their tracks. You can find a fake revolver fairly easily at a party store, or even at a discount store for very cheap.

Next, you will need your sheriff's badge for some credibility, or else you're not going to be able to make any arrests. You can also get this for next to nothing usually, especially if you go with a generic plastic badge that's shaped like a sheriff's star. Ready to shoot up the saloon and get rid of those bandits once and for all? Try a Western Sheriff's costume this year and be on the right side of the law!

Viking Costume

Viking - By Leaf Erickson

Vikings have long been revered for their intimidating nature and fierce toughness. Long ago they fared the ocean in search for riches and adventure. So why not assert your dominance by pillaging the popularity at this year's Halloween party? Here's how to put the costume together:

Vikings usually have luscious blonde locks, so you can utilize a blonde hair/wig to start. Don't forget, there were bald Vikings as well. Fellas, feel also free to rock an awesome real or fake beard. Also men, usually wore the traditional Viking hat, which can be created in a DIY fashion by attaching cardboard horns to a brown beanie, but you can also purchase one at a Halloween prop store.

Next, we need a suede vest, which can be purchased at a local thrift store or sewn together. Finish by adhering some fake fur to the suede. Conversely, you can glue some fur to an old brown jacket to create the same look.

Finish the costume by accessorizing with a large belt and signature weapon. Purchase rope from a hardware store and tie it prominently around your waist. You can buy a Viking hammer from a prop store or by cutting one out from cardboard and painting it brown and silver so that it looks fit for a warrior!

Pirate Costume

Party Pirate - By Davy Jones

Piracy is an illegal activity known to the world since ancient times, however it was most prolific during the 17th and 18th century. Pirates are popular in modern culture as they are often portrayed in novels and movies as romantic adventurers, rather then then the brutal men they were. None the less, it makes for a popular Halloween Cosutme. Here's how to get things started:

• Basic Pirate

Pirate costumes have several things in common; for example, the pants worn by pirates are typically black or brown although if you are wearing some specific outfit you can choose another color.

You also need to use both baggy and tight pants. The shirts have long sleeves and the color doesn't play a significant role, however white is a popular color. It might be a good idea to wear a older shirt and make few cuts or make it look a little bit older.

It is important to pay attention to the details and accessorize. Some items that make the costume more realistic include a wide belt, hook hand, massive black boots, pirate hat, sword (plastic), jewelry that features skulls, dark wig (wig with dreadlocks is great too) etc. In the end, don't forget to act and sound like a pirate during the Halloween night.

• Movie Pirates

There are few popular pirate captains that have been seen in movies. First of all, there is captain Hook a fictional character that appears in Peter Pan. As the name suggests he is known for the left hook that serves him as a hand. In the right hand he usually uses a thin sword (you can easily find a this in a Halloween store). Hook sports a red velvet frock coat and a large red pirate hat. Be sure to wear classic black shoes or boots to complete the outfit.

Another popular Halloween costume for men is Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie, Pirates of The Caribbean. Sparrow wears a classical pirate costume, but there are two details that you should pay attention to; the hairstyle and facial hair and the hat/bandana. You don't have to buy a pirate's hat because Sparrow usually wears a red bandana.

When it comes to facial hair it is a good idea to grow beard and brad into dreadlocks. If you don't have long hair you can buy artificial dreadlocks. Don't hesitate to use discreet makeup because captain Sparrow is fond of it.

Coal Miner Cosutme

Black Rock - By Gary Scott

It's rare to find a costume that embodies several different motifs and can be easily suited to multiple genders. While the concept of a coal miner as a costume might seem strange, the core idea is actually delightfully versatile and easy to implement. You can make a horror costume, a standard occupation based costume, and a sexy costume. All these can be done regardless of gender, with the right clothing and accessories.

• Traditional Look

For a straightforward, traditional costume, the simple route is denim. Denim overalls, denim jeans, denim jacket if it's cold. Grab a toy plastic helmet with a flashlight -or just the flashlight into place yourself - and you're done. Denim has a long history in such work, and took a while to be considered appropriate for just wearing around.

• Horror Look

If you want to go with a horror look, a mask will do the job nicely. There's at least one B-movie out there involving a mineshaft related horror villain, and masks tend to complete the look. Not just any mask will do, though. To stand out as a proper mine related villain, the tragic result of negligent safety standards or an angry Balrog at the deepest depths of the mines, you need the right mask.

A respiratory mask, or a mockup of one, will work nicely. Mines are incredibly dirty and dusty, and miners nowadays wear protective gear to mitigate death from black lung. A mockup of such a mask, perhaps with a few chips and cracks or the like, will add the look nicely. In a pinch you could also use a welding mask.

The look they create can be creepy, and while not entirely in line with the miner look, it's still in the ballpark. Add in the Darth Vader breathing for even more ominous antics, though you might want to remember a straw if you go to a party.

• Sexy Look

Those wanting to go the sexy route are off to a great start just by sticking to overalls and whatever minimal clothing is needed. A pick or helmet makes for a nice touch to set the coal miner look as well. As usual with sexier costumes, less clothing is usually a good start. Short shorts and a denim top of some form can also do the job quite nicely.

Coal mining is rough work, dirty work, and there are a few ways to portray that in costume. The horror angle does the job very well, especially if you dirty up the denim with some charcoal or whatnot. Fake bloodstains are an option too, depending on personal preference. The straightforward costume can benefit from dirt as well. If you want to go for the dirty sexy look, there's nothing wrong with that, either.

At the core of this costume denim and a helmet, with perhaps a mask, go a long ways to completing the look. The simplicity of the costume and minimal accessories make it a versatile choice for fans of blue jeans and other denim related clothing. Or folks who ran across a Balrog.

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