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Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

It's almost time for Halloween! Are you looking for the best costume to give all of your friends the creeps or something fun this season? Regardless, it sometimes it pays to look back on the classics for inspiration, Let's take a look at some great, tried-and-true men's Halloween costumes:

Zombie Costume

Zombies are more popular than they've ever been. There's something deeply ingrained in human psychology that finds the cannibalistic undead simultaneously frightening, and yet...fascinating. Turn yourself into one of these flesh-eating monsters this Halloween; it's actually quite simple. First, you're going to need an outfit that you can tear up.

Zombies normally have tattered clothes from getting into fights with other zombies. Pick something from your closet that you're not particularly fond of, or go to at thrift store and grab something cheap.

Alternatively, you can also buy some blood-stained, tattered zombie threads that are pre-made from a party store. You can also try going with a theme and basing your clothes around it. For example, a zombie tourist, a zombie baseball player, or anything else that would look good in an undead state.


The Gladiator costume has many variations, but the basic ensemble consists of a cape, shorts, tunic, sword, boots, and headband. You can cut a bedsheet and make it into a cape by folding an tying two end corners together and putting your head through the loop they create. Shorts should be brown or black leather shorts.

The tunic can be made by taking a brown t-shirt and cutting the sleeves off to give it a rugged look. The boots should be made of leather and rise high above the ankles. The headband can be made with a folded bandana. As for the sword, you can purchase a plastic one at any novelty store.


The Pirate costume is very popular amongst men. The two main clothing ingredients for this costume are an eyepatch and a black bandana that completely covers the top of the head. You could also wear high leather boots (black or brown) and a white silky V-neck long sleeve shirt.

The rest of the outfight may include tight black pants and a wool jacket for the vest with its sleeves removed. Extra accessories could be gold jewelry, such as necklaces and rings. And, of course, do not forget the curved sword.


U.S. Army costume comes in many forms. The easiest one for men to create is an all camouflage outfit. You can purchase camouflage-style pants, shirts, and coats at any Army/Navy store or Army Surplus store. Also, you will want a pair of combat boots and a dog tag chain for your neck. It would be neat to go the extra mile and have a dog tag custom made with your name on it.

To complete the look, get a camo face paint stick and start camouflaging your face. On the other hand, if you'd rather look like an officer and less like a soldier, wear some black khakis, a long-sleeve buttoned dress shirt, and some fake medals on the side of your chest.

Joker (From Batman)

The Joker Halloween Costume will focus on both the makeup and clothes. The basic face makeup requires white face paint, green hair dye, lots of black eyeshadow, and red lipstick. You can choose whether you want the makeup to look sloppier like with the Dark Knight's Joker or a bit cleaner like in 1989's Batman movie.

As for the clothes, you will need purple dress pants, a green shirt vest, and either a purple trench coat or a purple blazer. The tie can be any bright color that you want, such as yellow, green, or red.


An absolute classic, the wizard costume has been done and reinvented countless times, whether it has been on stage, television, or in real life. There are numerous inspirations to choose from, whether you are a fan of the Harry Potter series or American Horror Story. Men can add an interesting touch to a wizard costume by incorporating elements of modern culture, such as the "hipster" beard, in their look.

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