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Medusa Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you sick of hopeful suitors following you around at every Halloween party? Are you sick of strangers saying hello? Are you sick of having friends? What you need is a bunch of snakes on your head! Nothing makes people run faster than a bunch of snakes staring at them with beady little eyes and bad intentions. Why not be Medusa this Halloween! Here's how to put this costume together:

Your Head

Of course, the first area of concern will be all of your little "children" and how you will manage to get them on your head in the first place. Though you might be craving an authentic Medusa experience, it is not advisable to put actual snakes on your head. Even dead snakes may invite the ire of the animal rights activists among your friends.

Instead, a good (and cheap) approach may be to collect dozens of rubber snakes and glue them onto a wig. Pose the serpents with wires to give your new hairdo that layered look. You can also opt to buy a pre-made Medusa headpiece, but making your own with cheap plastic or rubber snakes from the dollar store will probably be more cost-efficient.

Your Clothes

Since the story of Medusa is a Greek myth, you will probably want to go with an ancient Greek-style outfit. Shop around at costume stores for a typical female toga. If you want to get fancier, add some shiny accessories and jewelry to show everybody that you're a goddess.


This is up to you. No one says Medusa's face has to look like anything specifically, but if you want to look scary, a reptilian monster look would suit the character very well. You could even try wearing fangs in your mouth like a snake. Inject a little bit of venom into your next Halloween party with a Medusa costume.

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