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Zombie Party Games

Traditionally Halloween parties have included a few scary objects, random alcoholic beverages, and young ladies wearing clothing that would get them arrested for indecent exposure on nearly any other day of the year.

Despite the entertaining nature of the traditional Halloween party, there are other fiendishly delightful options to consider. On the one day of the year when the dead and the living are supposed to be the closest, why not celebrate with a little apocalyptic mayhem?

Zombies are a popular type of monster. They are essentially a fallen form of man, a creature lost to the hoard. The undead are also a lot of fun at parties. If you want to throw a unique Halloween party that your friends have ever seen, consider scheduling the zombie apocalypse. For this horrific night to happen, you will need the following items:

  • A house with a large backyard.
  • Blue and yellow armbands: Blue for zombies and yellow for the living.
  • A way to kill zombies. For example, water-balloons or paint guns, etc.
  • Make-up effects for zombie wounds, and people who wish to be zombies.
  • A fog machine and eerie background sounds.

The actual party will take place at night. It will also be a staging area for the evening's entertainment. Before the party begins set up an area that can be used as a trail of terror. The trail will be used as a transitional area for the event. The fog machine, if acquired, would be an excellent addition to this area of the event.

The premise of the games is simple, the majority of guest start off as humans, wearing an orange armband, (plus a blue armband in their pocket.) If touched (Scratched) by a zombie, they must give up the orange armband and put on the blue band making them a flesh-eating zombie.

To start, the group of party guests will race down the trail (towards the house) while they are chased by zombies. Make certain that this area is clear of unnecessary debris. A few staged props such as broken tables along the way might be a nice touch. However, since this event will be done at night it will be important to make certain that there is nothing to trip over.

Once the guest are safe in the house, the zombies will attack the house. It is a good idea to have a few sacrificial guests lined up to be the first people to be taken. Their lively screams will sell the event to the people. While the dead are supposedly out devouring the formerly living guests, the rest of the party guests will be given a briefing on the battle plan. They must escape the house and come up with a plan to kill the zombies. For example, one plan to kill the zombies would be to hit them with a water-balloon. Or if you want to amp things up you could use paint-guns.

The living party guests will have to make their way through a zombie infested backyard in order to reach a safety zone (the patio or tool shed for example). The event can continue from there. At this point it can devolve into a free for all where every party goer has to be out for themselves.

When the last zombie is destroyed or the final surviving party member is taken by the sweet grasp of the undead, it will be time to return to the party area. There will be snacks for everyone. The zombies and the still living can spend the rest of the evening having a different sort of fun.

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