Mad Max: Fury Road Halloween Costume Ideas

With the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, the post-apocalyptic adventures of Max are on everyone's mind again. Fans of the film franchise can cobble together some very cool Mad Max character costumes this Halloween.

• Mad Max

To get started (and figure out which characters you can most easily pull off), you may need to go digging in your closet. The most helpful items in putting together a gritty Mad Max-themed costume is going to be khaki combat attire, leather, and clothing that's either well-worn or can be cut and roughed up a bit. The grim, combat steampunk world in which these characters operate is one where you layer on and throw together whatever you can find, so don't worry about being exact.

Any bits you can find to accessorize will go well with this sort of costume. Leather thongs can be tied here and there. Have an old pair of goggles? Strap them to the top of your head. Put on dangling layers of necklaces and belts. Tie bits of string and rope in your hair. Also use black face makeup to darken a strip across your eyes. All of these things will turn you into a Mad Max extra. For some ideas for specific character costumes, keep reading.

• Furiosa

A Furiosa costume looks complicated but isn't really all that bad. A plain white or beige T-shirt and green combat pants make up the base of the costume. Wrap your neck with a green scarf (or find some green material and cut enough to create a makeshift scarf).

Next comes the makeup and accessories. You'll need to color your hair black and slick it down tight. With face makeup, blacken up the top half of your face, blending the edges downward into a fade at your nose and cheeks. Use the same makeup to blacken up your arm from the elbow down to create the look of Furiosa's prosthetic Finally you need lots of belts. If you can find some stray jewelry to hang from your belts, it will make your costume more interesting and realistic.

• War Boys

To become a convincing War Boy, you're going to need to whiten up your skin with white greasepaint or chalk makeup. Darken the area around your eyes with black makeup. You can create scars on your body with special makeup that can be found at costume stores; this kind of makeup is actually quite easy to use.

As for clothing, distressed combat pants and clunky boots are a must for this costume. War Boys typically wear no shirts, but you can get creative with this costume and throw on a battered, dusty shirt or a distressed leather jacket. Accessorize with any combat or steampunk items you can find. Goggles, bandannas, belts, military or camping packs and gear; if you can attach it to your body in some way, do it. As with all of these costumes, there is no exact way to do it right. Be creative.

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