The Matrix Costume Ideas

Are you the chosen one? Well no, you're not. But you could become him this Halloween with an awesome Matrix costume! If you're ready to dodge bullets in slow motion and bend spoons with your mind while wearing a fake leather bodysuit.

• The Outfit

Everyone in The Matrix wears cool, but totally impractical, cyberpunk clothes. Neo's outfit is probably the most easy to put together, though, as it doesn't involve any pleather, so your best bet is to dress up like the savior of Zion.

Put on a black shirt, some black pants, and throw a long, black 90's trench coat on over it. Don't forget your black boots and a pair of cool sunglasses that you can wear even at night.

If you're looking to dress up as one of the female characters, like Trinity, then you're going to have to find a black PVC bodysuit like one of the ones that she wears in the movie. Hopefully people will be able to hear you talking over all the squeaking when you walk around. Again, don't forget the sunglasses.

• Accessories

In The Matrix, since people's survival is at stake, accessories amount to guns and gun holsters. If you're Neo, have a variety of leg holsters and a variety of guns. If you want to get nerdy about it, you could also tape a USB cable to the back of your head and pretend that your getting re-uploaded into The Matrix.

Depending on your character, of course, you'll have different accessories. For instance, if you're Morpheus, you might want to carry around the two pills that he offered to Neo and ask people which one they want. (Just make sure they're actually Tic-Tacks.) So, have you taken the red pill yet? Awaken to the truth this year with a Matrix Halloween costume!

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