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Halloween Masks For All Ages

Halloween Mask For All Ages

People have worn masks since ancient times for a verity of reasons - in America masks are worn on Halloween night to scare others and to leave people guessing who's behind it.

• Dawn of the Dead Mask (Zombie Mask)

Who doesn't like dead people? Well, at least when it comes to Halloween parties. The number of zombie movies and TV shows is constantly growing. The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil etc. The best part is that these costumes are not all the same, so you can actually choose one that you think is scary or cool.

Keep in mind there is a thin line between funny and scary mask, so be careful in your choice. Zombie masks are great because you don't have to think too much about the outfit; for example, you can find some old clothes or make your regular ones look dirty or worn. Of course, don't forget to walk slow or at least act weird.

• Horror Movie Mask

Besides zombie movies, you can also choose from some of the many popular horror movie masks. One mask that has marked the end of the 20th century is the one from the movie called The Scream. This is actually a ghost face mask. The Scream has revolutionized the horror genre and even though this movie is old the mask is still popular on Halloween.

• Witch Mask

You can't go wrong if you choose a witch mask because they are one of the true symbols of Halloween. Although this is a relatively old mask style, the huge range of different witch appearances always fascinates people. However, it is best to choose a mask with a long nose and weird eyebrows.

• Homemade Mask

Those who have the time and talent can definitely come up with a fun or scary homemade mask. All you need is some basic materials such as latex and rubber, and a little imagination. What is even better, you can rest assured that your mask will be unique because no one will have a mask quite like yours.

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