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Mamma Mia Halloween Costume Ideas

Mamma Mia Halloween Costume Ideas

The 2008 musical Mamma Mia was one of the most celebrated films of the year, and many of the characters are remembered for their eccentric, fashionable outfits! The film also features an ensemble cast, with the likes of Meryl Streep and Julie Walters.

• Donna

To start, wear a large white t-shirt and brown or black boots. Next, wear a dark blue denim dungaree top, or denim overalls. Donna has blonde hair, so you can certainly invest in a blonde wig or simply wear your hair naturally, if the color matches.

Additionally, she wears two rings - one on her left ring finger and one on her pinky finger. Donna seldom wears makeup, but don't be afraid to put some on if you desire. Finally, feel free to embellish with any accessories, like jewelry. The essence of Donna is less so in the outfit as opposed to the personality.

• Tanya

Tanya is known for her extravagant, fiery, colorful dress as shown in the picture. She wears a silver necklace with a small pendant. Wear dress shoes but be sure they are comfortable enough to dance in; remember, Tanya exhibits some pretty athletic maneuvers throughout the film.

She is also recognizable by her ruby red lipstick, captivating black eyeliner, and rosy blush. Do not be afraid to experiment with other makeup as well. Finally, Tanya is most noted for her brown, shoulder-length hair. Dress up as Tanya and assert yourself as the life of the party.

• Rosie

Rosie has perhaps one of the most unique outfits in the movie. To start, wear dark blue denim jeans with gold or yellow paint strewn across. Next, wear a sky-blue button-down shirt with a white cloth draped over it as shown above. Rosie has rectangular, red-rimmed glasses. To complete the look, wrap a blue and black towel around the head and dance with a purpose.

• Sophie

To start, wear white slip on shoes, such as Converse or Vans. Wear light blue short shorts and a white blouse with blue down the middle. She is known for her strawberry blonde hair that runs down both shoulders. Sophie most typically wears a black band around her right wrist. She is also seen throughout the film wearing a sweater of various yellow, purple, green, and blue patterns.

• Diva ABBA Outfits

Diva ABBA Perhaps the best scene in the movie is when the characters dress up as ABBA, wearing eye-opening outfits. For this one, you'll need a shiny silver and blue one-piece body suit with a strong "V" down the middle. The outfit should include golden fur shoulder pads and a gold/silver belt. The characters also drape a dark blue "cape" down their backs. Finally, be sure to have a microphone in hand.

Mamma Mia is one of the best musical films of the Twenty-First Century. Therefore, most people would recognize the film characters. If you dress up as one of the women above, you'll most definitely be the life of the party.

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