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Skeleton Makeover

If your looking to do something different this Halloween and be the talk of the party, then getting a Skelton makeover might be the way to go.

For a skeleton makeover, I'll include some examples to apply makeup for the perfect skeleton costume. First of all, apply a very thin layer of white base directly on your face. Make sure that your entire face is covered. We are not talking about making your face paler, you need to get a real white color. Don't apply this color on your jawbone and neck because we are aiming for the mask effect. In addition, you can use some translucent or white powder over the foundation in order to improve its durability.

The next phase involves your eyes. We all know that skeletons have eyes that appear deep in the skull. In order to achieve this effect you need to apply black eyeshadow around your eyes. You need the area under your eyebrows and eyelash as well as the area beneath your eyes. The eyeshadow needs to contour your eye sockets because this is how skeletons look like. In addition, use a layer of black eyeliner around the eyes.

You can use dark colors on your jawbones and neck (most of your neck). When it comes to the lips, feel free to make experiments. If your a gal, use red lipstick if you want to look like a sexy skeleton, for guys and gals you can use black and white color to draw teeth (this is a more difficult option and requires certain artistic skills).

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