French Maid Halloween Cosutme Ideas

French Maid Costume Ideas

For a lot of people, Halloween is about more than candy, it's about making an impression and maybe even winning a few admirers. A sexy French maid costume is a classic that is sure to turn heads and get your friends whistling.

A Uniform

Obviously, the most important thing you will need is the uniform itself. You can shop for a pre-made one at a part store, or you can make one yourself by finding a (very) short little black dress with a few frills on the end. Add a white lacy apron and you're ready to do some deep cleaning.


You can conceivably go without these, but they really add to the sex appeal. Try some black stockings with garters or fishnets if you're feeling adventurous. If you feel that your haircut is not "maid-like" enough, then you might consider getting a wig online or at a party store. Top it all off with a little maid hat. You can also forgo the hat if you would prefer.

Tools of The Trade

Depending on what kind of things you prefer to clean, you might have a different array of tools, but at the very least you'll need a feather duster! Go hunting for a classic feather duster, as these are the ones that work best with a French maid costume. Ready to try someone traditional and yet sexy at the same time next time you're invited to a Halloween party? Try the sexy French maid and impress your friends with a bit of skin.

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