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Kid's Magician Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is certainly the right time of year for magic. With all the spooky things happening, why not be part of the supernatural allure and have your child dress up in a kids magician costume? Here is how to put one together:


The first thing you're going to need is the traditional magician's tux and bowtie. Even if it is a little retro, it adds to the showmanship. You can either find a little tuxedo at a store that sells children's suits, or you can go the cheap route and get a magician outfit from a party store.

Cape And Hat

Part of a magician's mysteriousness lies in all of that random fabric that he wears. This allows ample space for him to discreetly hide various items. To this end, your little Houdini will need a flowing and impressive cape. Again, you can usually get this at a party store. Next, you will need a magician's hat. This should also be over-sized since it will be hiding secrets. A nice big top hat would be ideal.


Provide some tools for the tradeóa magician isnít much without his tricks. Get a wand that your child can wave around, a stuffed rabbit toy, or even a deck of cards.

A Simple Card Trick

Learn a simple card trick with your child. You can even do the trick by working together if you don't want to bother learning sleight of hand. For example, letís say your child asks a volunteer to pick a card and show it to the audience. You as the audience member can act as a "thumper," signaling what card it was to your child. Have some pre-established gestures or hand signals that are innocuous enough that no one would notice.

Is this "cheating"? Well, sureóbut that's magic. Ready for your child to wow his friends at your next Halloween party? Put him in a kid's magician costume and see if he can pull a rabbit out of a hat!

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