Lizard Halloween Costume Ideas

Lizard Man Costume Ideas

If you like to spend your Halloween sending chills up the spines of strangers, taking your costume to the next level each year is a competition in itself. If you have yet to take on the shape of some reptilian monster, going as a lizard man is a sure way to make your friends scream in delight - or fear.

• The Body

It's time to get scaly. While you, unfortunately, can't turn your skin into that of a reptilian, there are some ways you can achieve the same illusion. With a generous supply of dark-green body paint, you can easily make your face and torso nearly unrecognizable (you can also use a sheer long-sleeve instead). next, you can mimic scales' appearance by using a black mesh shirt as the top layer and slapping on a small amount of glitter.

• Eyes And Horns

A pair of green color contacts will turn your costume from scary to straight-up bone-chilling. Of course, the most critical step during your transition into a full-blown lizard man depends on your fearsome horns. You can make these from clay, craft foam or masking tape, and attach them to your back and shoulders using a body-safe prosthetic glue. With your costume complete, it's time to slither over to your next Halloween party and take your place as a terrifying creature of the night.

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