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All That Jazz Costume Ideas

Are you a hip and happening cat who is hip to the jive, man? Even if you don't know what any of that means (and probably no one does anymore these days), you can be a cool Jazz musician who is as smooth with the sax as he is with the ladies. Here are some Jazz musician costume ideas for next Halloween:

• The Suit

For a genuine 1940's Jazz musician look, you're going to have to invest in a classic zoot suit. The color doesn't matter so much as making sure that it is authentically baggy and that you choose a decent tie to go with it. You can often find convincing zoot suits at party stores or online for a much cheaper price than a genuine specimen. If you can get an actual classic zoot suit by raiding Grandpa's attic or something similar, then all the better.

• The Hat

Only a pork-pie hat or a fedora will go well with the classic Jazz zoot suit, but it is an integral part of the outfit and will pull your look together. Fedoras aren't too hard to come by, but to get one with that old look you may have to order online. Dig through a few thrift stores if you want your hat for a little cheaper.

• An Instrument

Of course, if you're a Jazz musician, you should have a tool of the trade. Pick an instrument that's frequently featured in Jazz, especially one of the recognizable brass ones. If you think finding an real instrument might be too expensive, you might be able to find or make a fake one.

• Jive Talk

No Jazz musician can hang with his fellow cats without some jive talk. Go online and look up a glossary of terms so that you can wow and offend your friends with your misuse of slang. Ready for your standing ovation? Grab your saxophone and be the life of the part in your Jazz musician Halloween costume!

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