Michael Jackson Costume Ideas

Michael Jackson Costume Ideas

Music, style, and controversy. Michael Jackson had a style and music hard to ignore by even diehards. Regardless of what people thought, his music remains well known and consistently played on radio stations across the country. This makes his style great for costumes, but that also means additional pressure to ensure the costume looks right.

• Iconic Costume

Michael Jackson had a few looks throughout his career, but his go-to look remained a red jacket black pants, with accessories as needed for the music video, appearance, or personal style. This makes for a really easy costume to put together.

Finding a red jacket might seem tricky, but they do exist, and finding one reminiscent of his style will just take a bit of searching. As for pants, leather pants are ideal, but leather doesn't breathe, so again, quality will go a long way toward this costume. A white shirt will complete the basics of the look very well.

As for accessories, the trademark gloves and sunglasses are another easy find for this costume. The gloves might take some digging, but brands that were popular with celebrities tend to be widely available. For some extra authenticity, getting your hair to match is certainly on option, but feel free to leave that to yourself.

• Thriller Costume

There aren't a lot of Halloween songs in common media circles, which helps explain the success of the music video Thriller. Plus, it's a fun song. Replicating Michael Jackson's look in the music video is both easy and tricky. It's easy, because the apparel is pretty obvious. The tricky part will be finding the actual clothes.

For the video, he wore a red jacket and pants, both had some nice black highlights. Ideally leather, but vinyl will for animal activists and those not wanting to pay for leather. If you can't find leather, you'll have to get creative with the shiny look, so feel free to look up some tips on sprucing up clothing. Such information is easier than ever to find thanks to the cosplay scene.

To finish off the look, consider some zombie-styled makeup. Halloween costume makeup will get the ball rolling here, as it's used for this sort of stuff. Make sure to look over the ingredients, though, as people with sensitive skin or certain allergies might need to find specialized cosmetics to meet their needs.

Finally, don't be afraid to do some digging and find a look and style that you feel is right for you and your costume needs. Finding the clothes might take some work, but the internet is a big place. With some digging and determination, you can find just about anything if you look hard enough.

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