Jack's Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

I'll get right to point - if your stumped on what to be for Halloween, I've included several scary ideas for your consideration. I Hope this helps, best regards, Jack.

Jack In The Box Costume

Dark Box - By Jack Mann

One of the most timeless toys for entertaining a young child is the classic Jack in the Box. As you wind up the toy box, a clown bursts out of the top, surprising everyone that is eagerly watching. This costume is incredibly versatile because you can make it as friendly or terrifying as you choose.

• Jack's Clothing

A Jack in the Box can be warm and jovial or sinister and murderous - the choice is yours. To start, you will need a pair of traditional jester shoes. These can be bought at a local Halloween or prop store, but also created by purchasing a large white pair of shoes and painting them to your liking. For the pants, a pair of plain blue jeans will certainly work, or you can choose to experiment with large pants or colorful pajamas.

Next, you need the top of the jester outfit. Here, you need a vibrant, colorful shirt with brightly colored sleeves. You can also make your own clothing by mixing, matching, or sewing different colored cloth together. Be sure to complement the top with a jester's garb around your neck and white gloves on your hands.

• Jack's Face Makeup

Now, it is time for the Jack's makeup. Using white face paint, liberally apply a layer to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and the rest of your face and neck. Apply a layer of brightly colored lipstick with black eyeshadow. Using black face paint, paint one line above each eyelid and one line below each eyelid. Finally, use red face paint or lipstick to add one bright red circle to each cheek.

Finish the costume with a large, eye-popping clown hat. If you desire to make the costume on the scarier side, you can always accessorize with fake teeth and some fake blood dripping down your face or neck.

• Jack's Box

No Jack in the Box is complete without the main ingredient. The box! Every Jack in the Box costume should feature the person busting out of a box. To start, cut the top and bottom out of a large box. Staple a long piece of ribbon on one inside corner of the box. Take another piece and staple it to the opposite inside corner.

Repeat this with another ribbon. The two ribbons should cross over one another and act as suspenders. Use Wood-Look paint from a local hardware store and paint the exterior of the box. This will appear as though you are truly popping out of a wooden box.

Feel free to cut a prop "handle" out of wood and glue it to the outside of the cardboard box. This will mimic the wind-up component of the toy and will have partygoers eager to examine your costume!

Black Widow Costume

Till Death Do Us Part - Mary Bloom

What is a black widow? Well, besides the species of spider, a black widow is a woman whose husband has died, and she's still in constant mourning. Also, she probably killed him. So you see, black widows are creepy and perfect for a Halloween costume.

• The Outfit

The first thing you're going to need is funeral garb. You can probably easily find something dreary and black at a thrift store. If not, visit your local mall and any of the department stores will probably accommodate you.

To make it more dramatic, you could rip up the clothes and make them look like rags (assuming you didn't pay too much for them). You can also sprinkle them with fake dust to make them look old. The nice thing about this costume is that after Halloween is over, you can reuse it for other sad occasions where you might need to wear black.

• The Veil

Just as the black widow probably wore a veil when she got married, she'll be wearing a black veil when she's mourning her murdered husband. If you're having trouble finding a black veil, look for some black tool (the kind they use to make crinoline) at the fabric store and make your veil out of that.

• Makeup & Accessories

Make your face look pale and underfed. If you're into obvious metaphors, you could also draw a little spider on your cheek for good measure. If you want to freak people out, then glue on a plastic spider and put cob webs in your hair. Better yet, carry a handful of fake spiders and throw them at people.

You could also carry around the knife / gun / nuclear warhead that you used to kill your husband. Cover it in fake blood. Want to give your husband the kiss of death this year? Hint at your potential murderous betrayal by dressing up as a black widow!

Pumpkin Head Costume

Harvest Moon - By Jack Mann

Jack-o-lanterns aren't just symbols of the season, they can make a great costume, too. Have you considered taking on a creepy appearance and trying out a pumpkin head Halloween costume? There are a few different ways to go about this classic look:

• Traditional Jack-O-Lanterns

Wear a plastic pumpkin on your head (or a real one, if you can stand the smell) that's carved out to look like a jack-o-lantern. Think of it as a mask that covers your entire head. For the rest of your body, you can wear regular clothing splashed with blood, or a traditional scarecrow garb. Both concepts are easy to make; all it really requires is old clothes which can be purchased at a thrift store.

• Scary Pumpkin Head

Maybe you want to go more for the "crazed killer who happens to wear a pumpkin as a mask" theme. In that case, you can either carve out a pumpkin with a mean smirk, or you can buy a surreal plastic pumpkin head with a more elaborate expression.

The clothes are up to you, but something common and mundane might make the costume more unnerving. After that, choose your weapon: a machete or a scythe might be a good choice since it fits with the whole harvest season. You could say that you're a reaper of human beings.

Add a splash of fake blood if you want further realism. Really, there are so many things you can do with a costume like this. So if you want to celebrate the harvest with a vegetable (or is it a fruit?) on your noggin, consider wearing a pumpkin head Halloween costume this year!

Invisible Man Cosutme

Can U See Me? - By Mike Johnson

There's also something really creepy about seeing a set of clothes walking around with no one in them, so being invisible makes for a great Halloween costume. Here are a few different approaches on how to put your Invisible Man costume together:

• No Face

One method you can use to make yourself appear invisible is to wear an outfit that covers you from head to toe, including a dark hood. Inside the hood, where your face would be, you can wear a mask that makes your head look invisible in the dark.

These masks usually have some kind of reflective material on them, so of course they're not really making your face invisible. In broad daylight, the effect would probably be lost, but at night you will look invisible from far away.

• Where's Your Head?

While this is harder to do, you might look more convincing if you build a costume that allows you to hide your hands and head, so that you look invisible. It's sort of like a headless horseman costume, where your shirt comes up over your head, and your collar is raised, but contains no neck. You would also wear long sleeves that hang past your hands, or put gloves on.

• Classic Bandage

Finally, you can just do the traditional Invisible Man from the old horror movie and wrap your face in bandages, while wearing gloves, sunglasses, and a trench coat.

People will usually immediately know who you are because this iconic image is so recognizable. Are you the kind of person who prefers to go unnoticed during Halloween? Hide in the shadows with an Invisible Man costume!

Devil Costume

The Evil One - By Silvia Platt

For whatever reason, the devil speak to some unknown fear in most of us. Even people who aren't particularly religious are often freaked out by supernatural dark entities. To be a truly disturbing demon this Halloween, you will need to make yourself unrecognizable. Use prosthetics or a grotesque demonic mask to cover your face completely and erase any semblance of humanity.

Ideally, your body should be covered in prosthetics or a dark cloak so that no patch of human skin is visible. However, if you want to show some skin make sure its all red. Most importantly, you're going to need horns. The larger and more twisted, the better.

For an even greater effect, throw in some contact lenses that black out your eyes. Some large, dark wings like those of Satan from Dante's Inferno could further enhance your costume. The key here is to seem like you are channeling an otherworldly power, like you are stalking all the guests at the party and are intent on dragging them to hell with you.

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