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Halloween Costume Ideas For All Ages

Are you looking for some dark Halloween costume ideas to scare the living daylights out of your friends and family? The more thought you put into your costume ahead of time, the better it will likely turn out.

For truly scary costumes, classic themes are usually the best way to go, because they are time-tested in their creepiness and are guaranteed to disturb and delight the people around you.

Kids Costume Ideas

A skeleton costume is popular among kids and is easy to make. Get a black jumpsuit or track suit and then paint white bones to create a skeleton look. You can use a black hood and attach it to the jumpsuit. You can use face paint for the face or buy a skeleton mask to save time.

Ghost costumes are unisex and have been popular since ancient time. The best part is that these costumes come in different styles and shapes so your kid can look unique if you choose this option.

Rapping your kids in bandages or a torn old bed sheet can be a great way to create a real mummy costume without having to spend extra money. In order to make the wrappings or cloth look older you can stain it with tea leaves or a teabag and make the costume looked even scarier.

A popular costume among girls is a witch. They can look both scary and cute in these costumes. You can definitely make combinations with the colors, but the basic rule is to focus on the use of one color. Of course, people prefer the black color as the scariest one, but since we are talking about little girls feel free to use some other colors like green or orange for example.

Teen Costume Ideas

Zombies are getting quite popular among teens these days especially from Movies and TV shows. More and more young people want to transformed into a flesh eating creature when Halloween comes. This type of costume is easy to make, or you can find pre-made one in most Halloween stores.

Ghost costumes are popular too, however wearing a plain white sheet over your body doesn't quite cut it in the ghostly department. Instead, you're going to have to be a bit more creative. A good question to ask yourself is this: What sort of person was your ghost before they died? This will help bring some variety to this often over-done costume.

The key to turning these characters into ghosts will depend largely on your clothes and your make-up. Go with a ghostly pale appearance. If you find that your outfit is too bright and lively, you might consider getting a pre-made costume of the particular ghost that you're trying to embody.

Other popular Halloween costume is the traditional monster costume. Characters that are linked to the dark side are extremely popular, such as vampires, beasts, demons etc. The main objective in the past was to scare the evil spirits by mocking them with costumes that look like these spirits. Today these costumes are worn to look cool while attending a Halloween party, or to go out trick or treating.

Keep in mind that besides looking scary and evil, you can make these costumes friendlier and even attractive, by wearing a Catwoman or Batman costume.

Adult Costume Ideas

Rise from the depths of Hell this Halloween and scare your friends with a dark demon costume! Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we all find the idea of inhuman spirits from beyond to be unsettling, especially if they're evil. Here is how to put together a costume representing one of Satan's minions:

Demons aren't usually known for their snazzy outfits, so you may just want to go with a loin cloth. Alternatively, if you're one of those metropolitan demons who likes to disguise himself as a human every, you might want to go with a suit.

If you're a dark demon, you probably want your skin tone to be some inhuman color. Perhaps a gray or jet black shade that blends in with the night would work well. You can also add other colors here and there if you want artsy demon tattoos on your skin. For your face, you can either smear it in paint, or go with a scary demon mask.

If you're not wearing a mask, or the mask doesn't come with horns already, then you're probably going to want to buy prosthetic demon horns. You can get these at most part stores and they come with adhesives to put them on your head (or other body parts).

To add an extra dimension of creepiness, you might also consider putting on pointy fake teeth. If you're a fallen angel and you can't get up, (no pun indented) then you might as well join the legions of Satan's spawn this year and dress like the dark demon you are!

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