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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year, millions of parents and children wonder what they are going to dress up as for Halloween. One big choice is whether to opt for a homemade costume or a store-bought one.

While the ease of picking up a costume from the store may appeal to some, the benefits of a homemade costume cannot be ignored. Homemade Halloween costumes save money, and they also help adults and children spark their imaginations.

Costumes off the store shelves are often flimsy and one-size-fits-most. And these cheaply made costumes often come with a large price tag. To really take your costuming to the next level and save some money, make your own costume.

The first step is to decide what kind of costume you want to make. Rather than relying on what's hot for the year, delve into your imagination. Of course an Internet search will yield tons of results for costume ideas, but don't limit yourself to the suggestions of others. Think about your favorite characters from books, movies and television. If you're a family, consider the possibility of a costume theme for the whole family.

You can find many guides for making your own costume around the web. While some websites provide sewing patterns, others just offer advice on what pieces you need to seek out in order to piece together a costume.

If you luck out, you can think of a completely free costume idea. Using existing items from your wardrobe is always a smart idea. Even if you need to purchase accessories, you're still saving money on the base of the costume. As an added benefit, when you use your creativity to use what you already own, your children will learn the valuable lesson that money isn't necessary for a good time.

Before purchasing items, seek them out in secondhand stores. Also, check with friends or family to see if they have any items you could borrow. If you can sew, purchasing fabric is often cheaper than a store-bought costume. So before you head to the store to pick up a mass-produced costume, consider the benefits of making your own costume. You will stand out from the crowd with your one-of-a-kind costume, which may help you win a costume contest!

If you have children, you will encourage their imagination and creativity, and teach them valuable lessons about the value of money. Your costume will most likely be more comfortable, as it is tailored specifically for your body - not one-size-fits-most. Finally, your possibilities are endless when you reach into your own imagination for costume ideas.

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