Hippie Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Hippie Halloween Costume Ideas

Is it the dawning of the age of Aquarius yet? Well, either way, why not join the drum circle and have a go at some of free love? There's no better time to be a hippie than on Halloween.

• Male Hippie

Groovy beard, man. If you don't have any facial hair, you're going to have to grow some or get a fake beard at the party store because no self-respecting hippie ever shaves. The same goes with the hair on your head-it should be long and unkempt.

Find yourself a wig that's a little on the ratty side. In many Halloween stores, you can find a pre-made hippie costume that comes with both. Other kinds of hair that a hippie may avoid grooming could enhance your costume, but it's up to you if you want to go there. Next, find yourself a tie-dye shirt for that classic hippie look, or make yourself one if you're crafty. Grab some ripped up jeans from the thrift store and you're all set.

• Female Hippie

You have a lot of options here, but just remember that the late 60's were a colorful time. Try to find a psychedelic-looking baby-doll dress, or a peasant-style shirt with a colorful pair of bell bottoms. You could also try buying or making a patchwork skirt out of colorful fabric. If you don't have long hair, a wig is a must. Wear a headband or a garland of flowers on your head.

Hippie accessories for both genders include peace sign necklaces, groovy John Lennon glasses, and unshaved armpits. Ready to party like it's 1967? Put on an awesome hippie costume this Halloween!

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