Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas

There is a range of choices this Halloween when it comes time to transform into that perfect superhero. To narrow down the selection I've included my best super hero costume ideas below:

Batman Costume

To The Bat Cave - By Anthony West

There have been many incarnations of Batman throughout the decades, some of them extremely memorable and some of them kind of lame, but regardless of what era or incarnation you want to portray, Batman is one cool dude. Here's some costume ideas to get things flying:

• The Cape

First and foremost, he's not Batman without a cape, so this will be your first priority. Stop by the costume store or look around in thrift shops for a black cape that fits your body type and size. It should be able to envelope you easily and allow you to hide in the shadows-if it's too small for this, it'll probably look a bit awkward. If you can't find a cape, you can always make one out of black or dark blue bed sheets or curtains if you have some basic sewing skills.

• The Mask

Another essential component of the costume is the mask that keeps people from realizing that Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight himself. For the mask, you're going to want to pick out a fabric that is a similar color as the cape, and in fact you might want to make it out of the same material.

Making eye-holes and cutting out the mouth with a little over-hang to cover the nose is straight-forward enough, but building up the little ears might be a hassle. Using the foam from inside of a pillow or something else that is similar soft, but that keeps its shape might help to prop up the ears.

• The Bodysuit

If you have the body for it, it might be easier to just get a zentai suit and modify it. They straddle that line between pajamas and super hero tights and tend to be inexpensive. If you're muscular, it will also allow you to more easily slip into the Batman persona. If you don't want to wear an all-in-one suit like this, some tight athletic pants and a similarly tight athletic shirt should work.

• The Belt

Batman needs his utility belt, and of course it should have his logo on it. For this, you might be able to modify a real-life utility belt from a hardware store, but if you want to keep things simply, you can opt for a thick leather belt with a big buckle. Make a batman logo out of foam or some other easily-workable material and super glue it to the buckle.

• Footwear

Leather boots should suffice here. Just make sure that they are dark and color and go up past your ankle. If you're on a budget and are okay sporting 1960's Batman TV Show look, some black rubber rain boots might also work. Regardless of what style of Batman you ultimately choose, these are the basic components that your costume should be include if you're looking to be Gotham's next hero.

Superman Costume

Man of Steel - By Todd Studer

They don't call him the Man of Steel for nothing. There is a reason the legend of Superman has persisted for over a half-century. People find the concept of the indestructible man from planet Krypton to be captivating.

• Clark Kent

One costume gaining popularity is that of the journalist Clark Kent as Superman. To start, you will need dress socks, black dress pants, and a tight black belt. Wear a black, grey, or blue dress coat, but be sure to keep it unbuttoned about halfway down. Underneath, wear a t-shirt with the patented large "S" for Superman.

Next, wear a pair of standard square eyeglasses, perhaps placing tape around the bridge of the glasses for added effect. Finally, you will want to style your hair in a similar fashion shown here, which can be easily done with a little gel and a comb. Feel free to adorn yourself with a fancy watch or other accessories.

• Superman

Next, we'll be focusing on the "actual" Superman. That is, Clark Kent when he rips his suit off and reveals the colorful outfit of the Man of Steel. Most of this costume will have to be bought, but we can still accessorize.

Start with the large red boots, the blue spandex, and tight red jock strap. Adorn yourself with a yellow belt, blue "muscle suit" top, large "S" in the chest area, and red cape. Again, we'll want to keep the hair the same.

Avengers Costume

American Justice - By Tim Dorsey

Since the Avengers have become so popular, it's no wonder they're highly desired Halloween costumes for both kids, teens and adults. Obtaining such a costume can be tricky though, depending on how you go about it.

• Captain America

The good news is, premade you can find Avengers costumes for all ages. The kid costumes might not be the most durable, and quality for both can vary, but the option is there for those who desire them.

Of course, some people to make their own costumes. This can be tricky with heroes, though. Cap has the advantage in that his colors in the movies are much more subdued than in the comics, especially in his first cinematic appearance. Costume shields aren't hard to find or make, either. it can take a bit of work to get the colors and materials right, but you knew that when you decided to put the costume yourself rather than buy a shoddy premade version.

• Iron Man

While you won't need to make this is a cave with a box of scraps, it can be tricky to get the look and colors right. Fortunately, Stark has had a lot of suits over the years, so building one with cardboard and piping is possible.

If you can build a rocket man with cardboard, you can build an iron man. Just don't cheap out on the accessories, like the mask and jetpack parts. These can really help a costume stand out, so if you've cut some corners overall, the extra bits will make up for that if you do it right.

• The Hulk

Purple shorts, paint yourself green, done. Okay, it's not entirely that simple, but a green bodysuit and gloves can be used as well.

Body paint isn't dangerous but it can be really annoying to clean off yourself, and with kids and their sensitive skin it might create allergic reactions that cause rashes and itching. Though easy on paper, this costume still needs some thought to make sure it's done right.

• Thor

The good news here is that a generic Viking costume with some accessories can do the job here just as much as a premade Avenger hero's costume. This is especially true if you're going for the Silver Age look, which was camp incarnate.

Still, it's important to pay attention to the nuances of the costume in order to set yourself up as worthy wield Mjolnir. Otherwise you are just a generic Viking lookalike, and that's not the costume you wanted to make this time around.

Sometimes it's not about whether or not there is a premade costume, it's about how much fun you want to have making the costume and putting it together. Not only do you want the Avengers to assemble, you also want to properly assemble your fun Avengers costume, even if you got to do it in the comfort of your home.

Wonder Woman Costume

Knee-high Boots - By June Tiller

Wonder Woman has been fully accepted by the mainstream and is one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. Not only is she an awesome combatant when it comes to getting rid of the evildoers that plague society, she also makes for an awesome Halloween costume.

• The Outfit

To start, you will need gold, knee-high boots. Wonder Woman typically has thick red stripes down the side of each boot. Ideally, the boots should be "firm" as Wonder Woman's seem to be made of a metallic material.

Next, you will need a dark-blue skirt that falls about mid-thigh high. Be sure to cut small segments out of the bottom, so it extends farthest down the center, (in a way, the dress should form an upside down "W" shape. Using silver and gold construction paper, create the iconic "W" that acts as the superhero's belt section.

Next, purchase an entirely red corset (you can also buy a white corset and spray paint it the desired shade of red). Using more silver and gold construction paper, place another "W" at the top of the breastbone. Wonder Woman is also known for her silver wrist guards and her silver/gold headband.

She also wears long, black hair, so be sure to purchase a wig or wear your hair naturally if you so choose. Remember, this is your personal rendition of Wonder Woman, so if you want to change her hair color or any other aspect of the costume, you can certainly do so!

• Final Touches

Feel free to experiment with makeup and jewelry as you put together the costume. Sometimes, Wonder Woman can be seen wearing a pendant around her neck. Additionally, you can even make your Wonder Woman "battle damaged." To do so, purchase some Ben Nye liquid latex and apply it to the desired areas of the skin. When it dries, use red body paint to create fake injuries. You can also rub dirt along the arms and costume to make it seem as though you have been in fierce battle.

Now, you have all the information needed to create your own DIY Wonder Woman costume. This one is a bit more challenging than some of the others, but keep in mid that the process is meant to be fun and adventurous, so don't take it too seriously!

Green Superhero Costume

Green Hero - By David York

There is a range of choices this Halloween when it comes time to transform into that perfect superhero. To narrow down the selection I've included my best three green superhero ideas.

• Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is one of the oldest superheroes, and has dedicated his life to helping others. During the years we have seen some significant changes in the Green Hornets costume, yet the idea of the costume stays true to the original Green Hornet.

For the outfit you will need a green coat, hat and eye mask. The hat and eye mask can be any color, however green is best. Be sure to complete the outfit with a nice pair of black slacks. If you have a buddy that loves to fight crime, he could go as Kato, the Green Hornet's sidekick. The Kato outfit is easy, all you need is a black hat, eye mask, double-breasted jacket and gloves.

• Green Lantern

The Green Lantern has sworn to protect the intergalactic system and has existed for centuries. To create the perfect green lantern costume you need a green outfit, along with green lanterns ring. Without the ring, you won't be the world's most powerful superhero.

There is a range of Green Lanterns costumes available online, some come as a complete set, others simply focus on the basic items. To help create the perfect look, you will need it all. As saving the world is not an easy task, and you need to be in character to fight off evil regardless of when it strikes.

• Green Arrow

The Green Arrow is a well-known superheroes. There is a complete range of green arrow customers, some come without the bow and arrow, but you can purchase that separately. Allowing you to achieve the perfect look, and get inspired by your favorite superhero to help others.

Dressing up as a green superheroes will make this Halloween even more spectacular. As you will finally be able to look and feel like the hero that has inspired you since you were a child.

Spider-Man Costume

Along Came A Spider - By Joe Henson

Do you love the famous Marvel web-slinger? Do you secretly pretend your fighting Dr. Octopus and Venom every night? If so, why not dress him up as Spider-Man for Halloween this year? Here are some ideas:

• Suit

The first thing Spider-Man will need is his fancy spider suit. This is easy enough to come by as a pre-made outfit, and there's little reason to make one yourself, unless you happen to like sewing stretchy fabric.

The most authentic-looking approach would probably be to find a nice zentai-style bodysuit that has all the classic Spider-Man markings on it. You can also buy costumes that aren't whole body suits, and it can make getting in and out of the outfit easier. These basically consist of a shirt, some pants, some gloves, and a simple Spider-Man mask.

• Shoes

Spider-Man didn't really wear shoes, but the bottom of your kid's spider suit is sure to get worn out if he doesn't wear some. Try a pair of shoes that won't draw attention to themselves or make the outfit look less authentic. A pair of simple red canvas shoes could work great.

• Webbing

Spider-Man shoots webbing out of his wrists, and adding this element can be messy, so consider it optional. Unless your kid has been bitten by a radioactive spider, you're going to need to get some extra gear to achieve this. They actually sell Spider-Man web shooters that expel what is basically silly string and you can find them online.

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