Hag Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

Old Hag Witch Costume Ideas

Do you feel that there is a hag buried deep inside of your soul that is just waiting to burst out of you with a loud cackle? If so you should dress up as a hag witch this Halloween and find out if it really is your true form. Here's how to get thing brewing.

A Face

For some people, Halloween is all about looking their best. For others, it's all about looking their worst! Hags are a part of folklore in a huge variety of cultures, and there just seems to be something in human nature that is a little wary of these wrinkly old witches.

If your face is already a blanket of wrinkles that sends children screaming and running in the opposite direction, then you don't need anything extra in this department.

However, if your face is unfortunately attractive, then you will need to wear a mask or at least heavy makeup. Since a hag's features are very 3-dimensional, to say the least, a mask or some latex prosthetics will probably be superior to 2-D makeup effects.


Next will be your clothes. Almost always, a hag wears rags. These should be easy to make out of a large potato sack or something equally unappealing. You could also try buying some discount clothes from a second-hand store and making a patch-work outfit out of that.


Not all witches wear hats, so this is optional, but it certainly lends a sense of tradition. A nice pointy black hat is what you're looking for here.

Now the hag's version of a magic wand is her dirty old cane. A gnarled cane made from an old tree branch would work perfectly here. It doesn't even require that you spend any money; just hunt one down in the woods and if you're brave enough to face a few real hags that might be living there.

To make your use of the cane further justified, you can walk with a crooked gait and wear a hump under your clothes. Are your friends ready to be hagridden tonight? Give them nightmares this Halloween with your best hag witch costume!

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