Greek Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Greek Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Greek costume ideas for Halloween, the sky really is the limit. You can be a simple townsperson, a Greek god or goddess, or you can be an emperor. You can dress up or accessorize your costume in any way you'd like.

• Getting Stated

Have a white sheet or tablecloth? Then you're ready to start making your costume. Let's say you're using a sheet. Simply grab the sheet and fold it lengthwise. You will want this to work out where the material will fall down somewhere near your ankles. For men, a gladiator-like costume, fold the sheet so that it will end up hanging at about knee-length.

• Putting It Together

Next, hold the sheet up to you and make a small mark at the place where it meets your shoulders on each side. These are the places where you'll need to use a safety pin to pin the sheet together to make a shoulder hole. (On each side, simply double back the excess sheet that lies on the far side of the marked spot and pin it.)

You'll now have two shoulder holes and will be able to slip the sheet on. It will hang down in front of you. Obviously, you will need to be wearing clothes underneath so that you don't flash people from behind. Lighter-colored clothing is best so that it doesn't show through your costume and isn't overly distracting when you are seen from behind.

You'll need some sort of string or cord to tie around your waste in order to accentuate the costume. To really dress things up, visit your local craft store and see if you can find some gold or silver-woven rope. If you happen to have a costume sword and belt-sheath lying around from Halloweens past, use this to turn yourself into a Greek warrior.

• Accessorize

Finally, accessorize. You can use an additional sheet or piece of fabric (in white or any light color) as a shawl. You'll need sandals: brown leather ones will work best. Gold jewelry, headbands, rings, bracelets and accessories will really make this costume pop, especially if you are a Greek god/goddess or an emperor.

If you'd like to be a specific god or goddess, do a bit of research so that you can carry items that are specific to your character of choice. Want to be Zeus? Cut out a thunderbolt from cardboard or craft foam and spray paint it metallic silver so you can hurl it at unruly humans. For Athena, the warrior goddess, make sure you bring a bow and arrow.

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