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Goth Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you wish that you could do High School all over again, except with a more dreary and depressed attitude? Do you feel like you missed your chance to wear all black and look like a tortured artist because now you're an adult and you can't get away with all that teenage angst? It's not too late! You can be a goth girl for Halloween. Here is how to get started:


The first thing that you're going to need is a black dress. Get the darkest black that you can find. If you're on a budget, try looking through the racks at your local thrift shop; there should be plenty of dark offerings there. If you're lucky, you'll find someone's old funeral clothes.

The Veil / Head Gear

Go to the fabric store because you're going to need a lot of black tool to make your veil. Let it fall over your eyes seductively. On top of your head, you might want to incorporate a small hat or even an ironic black bow. Just make sure that they're not too festive looking, or you might accidentally lift someone's spirits.


One great accessory you could use is one of those parasols that are made of black tool. They won't do much to keep the sun off your pale, Gothic face, but they sure do look cool when you pair them with an all-black outfit. A black choker can help finish the look.

Make Up

This is where you don't need to wear black. Cover your face in powder or pale foundation. Make sure you look as pallid as possible to contrast with all the black. Do you love the Gothic look and need an excuse to wear it? Halloween is the perfect time, so dress up as a goth girl this year.

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