Goldfish Halloween Costume Ideas

Goldfish Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween rolling around, you might be scrambling to discover the best costume to impress your friends or surprise your kids with. All you need is some ingenuity to make a costume that'll blow everyone else out of the water (pun intended).

• The Body

You can't plunge into the water without the right equipment, which is why you'll need to start your process by searching for a suitable body. In this case, an oversized orange sweatshirt or onesie can work as a goldfish outer shell. If you don't have anything with a hood, an orange trapper hat can suffice. Of course, orange sweats or shorts are also a must.

• The Scales

For this step, all you'll need is a good supply of red, orange and yellow cloth that you can cut into circles (glitter is a plus). Once you have a dozen or so ready to be attached, glue them across the body in a scale-like pattern, and watch them shimmer like the real thing!

• Eyes & Fin

Practically any Styrofoam ball you find at a local craft store can become a set of goldfish eyes with some scissors and glue - just don't forget to color in the pupils.

Finally, a sheer, golden piece of fabric attached to the back of your costume can work as your majestic set of fins. Now get ready for a long night of trick-or-treating, watch out for sharks, and enjoy being the coolest fish in the sea!

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