Ghoul Halloween Costume Ideas

Ghoul Halloween Costume Ideas

Maybe you've just crawled out of a puddle of radioactive waste after an atomic apocalypse, or maybe you just need a fresh cup of iced coffee. Regardless of the reason, looking like a ghoul is usually never a good thing - except on Halloween, of course.

• The Face

This is the only night of the year where what's outside is more important than the inside. As such, you'll need to make sure your makeup is on-point to match with the rest of your ghoul Halloween costume.

A generous supply of black eyeshadow should circle the area around your eyes to give it a sunk-in look (think raccoon, but bigger). Afterward, the rest of your face should be coated with a pale foundation or powder to achieve a skeleton-like appearance. You can also apply some of the eyeshadow to your cheeks, nose and forehead to make your face look even more ghoulie.

• The Outfit

No ghoul shops at Forever 21! You have a bit of creative freedom here, as ghouls can come from nearly any time period. As an idea, you can tear up some old, grey clothes and throw on a dusty pirate hat; or you look like you just crawled out from a deep-sea shipwreck. With your ghoul costume complete, you can stager over to your next Halloween party with all the confidence of a long-dead creature.

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