House of 1000 Corpses Costume Ideas (Murder Ride)

In Rob Zombie's 2003 cult classic horror film House of 1000 Corpses, there are more than enough terrifying characters to make for a creative Halloween costume. Fasten your seat-belt and buckle up, it's going to be a demented ride.

• Captain Spaulding

The film chronicles a group of teens who are traveling across the countryside to write a book on zany roadside attractions. Unfortunately, however, they encounter the nefarious Captain Spaulding, played by the late great Sid Haig, a demented man and member of the Firefly family, a sadistic and psychotic family.

To start, we'll be creating the iconic Captain Spaulding who acts as the MC on the murder ride. For this costume you will need a traditional clown outfit, which can be bought on Amazon or at a local Halloween store. The costume should have large, white, baggy pants, large red shoes, a baggy white top with large blue furry buttons , and blue stars and red stripes down the sleeves.

Next, be sure to get an oversized red cloth bowtie. Captain Spaulding wears a yellow skull in the center of the bowtie, so be sure to add that if you can find one. If not, feel free to cut out a skull shape from some yellow construction paper.

Next, you'll need to either shave your head or throw on a bald-cap. Use some fake hair to don a large gray beard. Now, it is time for the eccentric face paint. Start by applying a white layer of face paint to your entire face. Using some pink coloring, create rosy cheeks to mimic his jovial clown look.

Apply a thick layer of black eyeshadow and draw high, exaggerated eyebrows. Just under the brows, apply some blue paint, as shown in the image. Finally, finish up with an undersized American flag top hat!

• Lizzie Borden

Although seen briefly on the murder ride, Lizzie Borden's appearance did make a chilling impact. To start you'll need a black hair (or a wig) and an outfit that mimics the styles of the late 1800s. For the outfit you can go with an all black garment that fits within the Victorian era. Other options is to pin a flower in the collar of your dress and to wear a large spring hat, as Borden was typically seen wearing.

Since she is alleged to have murdered her family with an axe, don't be afraid to carry around a bloody prop axe to freak out other partygoers. You can purchase the ax at any online Halloween party store.

• Dr. Satan

The last scene on the ride is Dr. Satan, the evil genius that conducted brutal experiments on patients. For this costume, you'll need another bald cap. Apply a thin layer of white/grey body paint to your head, face and torso, to mimic the "decaying" look. Add a small amount of white, wet hair, that drapes from behind your ears down to the shoulders.

Dr. Satan is known for his oxygen mask (though its use is never explained), so be sure to wear a fake mask as shown in the image. Dr. Satan wears a large apron with many pockets, all of which are stuffed with medical tools (knives, scalpels, etc.)

He also has a device rigged on both arms, but the viewers never get a good look at his entire body to fully understand his weaponry. If you show up to a Halloween party as one of these iconic Rob Zombie characters, you will most definitely gain the respect of hardcore horror fans.

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