Carnival Freak Show Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Carnival Freak Show Costume Ideas

If your a big fan of carnival freak shows, or love American Horror Story: Freak Show, what better way to wow the crowd at this year's Halloween party than to show up a carnival freak show performer. Let's get started on our list of freaky costume ideas.

Ring Master Costume

Ring Master Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Although the ringmaster in Freak Show is the elegant and intense Jessica Lange, I thought we'd go a bit more traditional with our ringmaster costume. It's a great getup for either guys or girls.

First, you'll need a combination of black and red pants and a dress jacket. If you go with black pants, choose a red jacket (and vice versa). A white dress shirt will finish off the main part of your costume. The only thing that's left is to accessorize with a boots, a bow tie, a top hat and most importantly: a ringmaster's whip and plenty of pizzazz!

Twisty Clown Costume

Most people are unlikely to have a clown costume laying around at home, so you'll need some help from the costume store for this one. There are Twisty the Clown costumes available online. To do your own take on "Twisty" it's going to be all in the makeup.

There's nothing more chilling than a cheerful clown costume paired with an angry, painted clown face (rather that the happy clown faces we know and love). Accessories with sharp teeth and fake blood. You can really use your imagination to make this one as frightening as possible.

Tattooed Man Costume

Tattoo Man Costume

If you'd like to join the freak show as a tattooed man (or woman), your best bet will be one of the many "second skin" costumes now available in shops and online. These costumes are made from polyester and covert your body in a way that's similar to tights. Your regular skin will disappear beneath the costume, giving the illusion that you're covered in tattoos. Pair with the circus attire of you choice and get ready to perform.

Bearded Lady Costume

As with the ringmaster costume idea, the bearded lady works for either gender. If you're a guy, you'll obviously need to grow your facial hair out a bit pre-party. Girls will need a bit more help with a fake beard.

Once you're bearded up, you'll need a fabulous dress that would be suitable for performing under the Big Top. If you can't find anything laying around at home, stores that sell dancewear have glamorous, sparkly attire that will look great. Top off your look with some lipstick and you're ready to go.

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