Enchanted Forest Costume Ideas

Forests have been respected and feared by humans in equal measure. On the one hand, trees are pretty, but they can also hold dangers, many real, some imagined. Human history is full of strange and vengeful forest creatures. Those creatures can make for some great costumes, as long as you know what you're doing.


There is something about fairies that make them so special and intriguing. These mythical creatures are described as beautiful and clever. On top of that they have special outfit which makes them ideal for Halloween or any costume party.

• Simple Fairy

Find a pretty and shiny dress or bodysuit. Create a crown (you can also make a tiara) with the help of a rhinestone necklace and wire or shiny pipe cleaners. Remember that shininess is crucial for every fairy costume.

The next important step is to create appropriate fairy wings. Place a piece of crepe paper on a cardboard. Take a craft glue and draw wing patterns directly on the fabric and sprinkle some glitter on it and leave the fabric until it is completely dry. Use scissors to get the shape of wings that you want and keep in mind that the fabric will be placed at the wrists and at the back too.

In order to attach the wings to the costume, you can use diaper pins or needle and thread. If you are preparing this costume for your kid, check whether the wire you've used can cause them problems.

• Evil Fairy

Yes, fairies can be evil if they want to. These scary characters are definitely suitable for Halloween costumes. The first step is to find a completely black dress that you can modify. Use scissors to cut the lower part of the dress in a similar way like Tinkerbelle's dress.

In order to get Tutu effect, sew some scarves in this area. With the help of some glitter and fabric glue make swirly shapes on the upper part of the dress. Don't hold your imagination.

When it comes to the wings, you can buy them in a store and save some time. It is best to use dark or black fairy wings. Place the wings on a newspaper and glue the designs you've made a spider web or some similar designs that look scary.

Glitter each of these items. Take some time to find the right spot for the rhinestones and glue them. It is also a good idea to use black nail polish, dark jewelry and make sure that your hair is a little bit wild and messy.

• Zarina

We have chosen this Disney fairy character because it is different than the rest. This is actually a pirate fairy. Pirates and fairies sounds like the perfect combination for Halloween, right?

A dress with purple bottom and pink top with gold sash, this is what her costume looks like. In addition, you need a pair of fairy wings, a small pirate sword and messy brown hair or wig.


People's views of elves have changed over time. Originally feared as mysterious foe of the forests, now elves are a fun character class with a bonus to Dexterity. Either way, they make for a fun costume. The trick is to use clothes with natural colors and seeming materials. Greens and browns are good bases, along with a sturdy pair of boots.

Pointed ears and a bow and quiver of arrows complete the look, and toy versions are easy enough to find. This costume is great for all ages and people, so feel free to take the base and roll with it for more personal looks. You don't have to be Legolas, after all. You can also go for a more traditional elven look, if you want to put in the research.


What exactly is a nymph varies across cultures and folklore, but, generally, they are a adult faeries with delicate wings who flitter about doing forest faerie stuff. For clothes, a look like Tinkerbell is a great start. She's basically a mini-nymph, after all. You can choose a different color, but natural ones are best to go with the forest theme.

As for wings, delicate looking wings like a dragonfly work well, but you can use butterfly wings if you like. Generic "fairy wings" from a costume shop can work as well, but those might not be of the best quality. Make sure to look for durable wings that can hold up for a while.


Many cultures believed that the gods or spirits dwelled within the forests, in the trees, the rocks, within the caves man first called home. These gods were powerful masters of the forest, and the costume should reflect that. Take the nymph or elf costume, and expand upon it for further glory. Bigger wings, longer wings, armor that looks like magically enchanted leaves, and a helmet or crown.

You may want to make some nature-like jewelry as well. Necklaces made from polished stones, for example, or bracers formed from fake branches. Not only can these sell the regal look, they add personal touches to bring out the costume's individuality.

Forest costumes can offer a lot of fun and variety. While you might feel constrained by the use of natural colorations and materials, or rather materials that appear natural, you can really expand on that to create a personalized costume that showcases your individuality even as it showcases who you want to costume as.

Revel in the mysterious nature of the enchanted forest to bring out the best in your costume. That way you can enjoy making the costume just as much as wearing. The work involved doesn't equate to fun, so whether you make it or buy it, enjoy the costume you created.

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