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Flapper Halloween Costume Ideas

Flapper girls were a special generation of women in the United States and Europe during the 1920s. They dressed rather peculiar for the time, but it was a way for western women to feel free after getting voting rights. These were often younger women who had bob cut hairstyles and short skirts on. They also wore lots of heavy makeup on their face and had stockings on over their bare legs. Back in those days, the stockings were more like fishnets.

The Flapper girl Halloween costume starts with the skirt or a short dress. This should be a skirt made of satin, polyester, and velour. The neckline of the skirt should have a V-shape and the bottom should have a low hemline. As for the colors, you can choose any combination of colors that you want. A solid black color also looks good for this costume too.

The next area you'll work on is your lower body. You can choose to use stockings or just go bare-legged, depending on the occasion and how much sex appeal you want to have. The footwear can he high-heels or anything fashionable that exposes your toes. For your head, you can use a headband or hat.

If you choose a headband, make sure it is soft and elastic so that it is comfortable. You could even stick a feather in the headband to make the costume more extravagant. If you choose a hat, try to use a small velour hat that fits the top of your head only. It can have a feather in it too.

Finally, apply heavy eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, mascara, and any other makeup that will give you the proper appeal. And if you haven't already given yourself the bob cut, then do so because that is the most important part. This is where you cut your hair short so that it is aligned with the level of the jaw. After that, the look is complete.

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