Firefighter Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Firefighter Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to save some lives this Halloween? Well, if you're not ready to sacrifice yourself and run into a burning building, then the next best thing is to look like a hero by wearing a firefighter costume.

• Uniform

Firefighters naturally need a suit that will protect them from the elements when they're climbing ladders to save old ladies that are trapped on the 7th floor. These are very hard to make, so you'd be best off getting a pre-made costume from a party store. Obviously, these won't be as elaborate and realistic as the read thing, but people will get the picture.

• Gear

Clothes are not enough, since a firefighter needs gear to get the job done. The most important thing will be your helmet. You can find these at Halloween stores. If you're not sure where to get a realistic-looking firefighter helmet, then ask a male stripper where he gets his.

• Accessories

You're going to want a hose to carry around. Make sure that it's something that folds up when it's not in use, like the real firefighter hoses. As far as footwear goes, some big rubber boots from any store should be fine, just make sure they look rugged enough to be used in the line of duty. If the Halloween parties in your neighborhood are always fired up and you want to put a stop to the madness, become a firefighter this year!

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