Fantasy Halloween Costume Ideas

The Dictionary describes fantasy as, "the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable." If your looking for something different this year then dive into the improbable with a unique Halloween Costume.

Dragon Costume

Looking to do something different this Halloween? Consider being a dragon; there are countless number of dragon costumes available online where you can find a green bodysuits paired with majestic wings, or you can simply do-it-yourself.

• The Hoodie

The first thing you'll need is a green hoodie and sweatpants. Your dragon can technically be any color you'd like; you can make it into a red or purple one if the mood strikes you. For this description, though, let's imagine a green hoodie. You'll need a sheet of white felt, a sheet of yellow felt, and a sheet of black felt, as well as several sheets of green felt. You'll also need a hot glue gun and plenty of hot glue sticks for ammunition.

• The Horns

With the white felt, you're going to make your dragon's horns. Trace out a basic horn shape, making the bottom of the horn an inch or two longer than you actually need it to be. Cut out four pieces that match this original shape. Two of these pieces will be used for each horn. Glue your first two together, leaving the extra inch or two at the bottom of the horn unglued.

Once your horn dries, you'll attach it to the hood part of your hoodie. That extra bit you left loose at the bottom? Spread it out on either side of the horn and glue it down; this will help keep the horn upright. Repeat with the second horn. You're going to repeat this horn technique with the green felt in order to make triangular dragon spines that run from the center of your dragon's head all the way down its back.

• The Eyes

Once that's done, let's move on to the eyes. Using the yellow felt, cut out two large, almond-shaped dragon eyes and glue them to either side of the hood. The black felt will make wonderful dragon eye pupils.

Cut them into little slit pupils to make your dragon look evil, or large, round pupils to make it look more friendly. Glue your pupils to the center of its eyes. With more green felt, cut out a long dragon tail. Make it straight or make it wavy or whatever kind of dragon tail you like! This will be glued to the back of your hoodie, underneath the bottom seam so that it hangs out.

• The Wings

Finally, comes your dragon's wings. For these, we're going to use a method that's similar to how we made the dragon's scales and horns. With green felt (or whatever other color you like), cut out four matching dragon wing shapes, leaving an extra two inches where the wings will attach to the back of your hoodie. Glue two of these pieces together for each wing. Once they've dried, position the first wing on the back of your hoodie.

The best way to do this is to glue the first side and let it dry before attempting to glue down the second side. This way, you know where to position the second flap in order to keep the wing upright. Once you get the wings applied and dried, you're done! Throw on those sweatpants and your new dragon hoodie and you're ready to frighten some villagers.

Faun Costume

Faun are legendary creatures that hung out with nymphs and had a merry old time in the woods of Ancient Greece. Here are some ideas on how to put together a costume like this:

• Horns, Ears & Hooves

Since fauns are half human, half goat, the first thing you will need are your horns and goat ears. You can buy a pair of horn prosthetics and get some latex goat ears. Alternatively, you can also buy a goat mask to wear over your face. Hooves can be hard to do, but you can buy shoe covers that are made to look like hooves.

• Makeup

If you're already wearing a mask, of course this is unnecessary, but if you opted for the separate horns and ears, it would be a good idea to buy a costume makeup kit. They sell dedicated animal makeup kits at costume stores. If you can't find one that will turn you into a goat at a brick and mortar store, there are plenty of options online.

• Hair

Fauns are typically hairy, especially on their legs. If your a hairy guy your fine, but if not, you can buy fake fur to adorn yourself.

• Clothes

The fauns of legend didn't wear much clothes at all, but a simple loin cloth might be in order. Just make sure that it looks natural; fauns represent the forest and all of its organic pleasures.

Make your clothes out of simple leather or plants. You might also use fur to cover yourself and make it look like your own body hair. Are you ready to frolic with the river nymphs? Wear a faun costume this Halloween!

Fairy Costume

There is something about fairies that make them so special and intriguing. These mythical creatures are described as beautiful and clever. On top of that they have special outfit which makes them ideal for Halloween or any costume party.

• Simple Fairy

Find a pretty and shiny dress or bodysuit. Create a crown (you can also make a tiara) with the help of a rhinestone necklace and wire or shiny pipe cleaners. Remember that shininess is crucial for every fairy costume.

The next important step is to create appropriate fairy wings. Place a piece of crepe paper on a cardboard. Take a craft glue and draw wing patterns directly on the fabric and sprinkle some glitter on it and leave the fabric until it is completely dry. Use scissors to get the shape of wings that you want and keep in mind that the fabric will be placed at the wrists and at the back too.

In order to attach the wings to the costume, you can use diaper pins or needle and thread. If you are preparing this costume for your kid, check whether the wire you've used can cause them problems.

• Evil Fairy

Yes, fairies can be evil if they want to. These scary characters are definitely suitable for Halloween costumes. The first step is to find a completely black dress that you can modify. Use scissors to cut the lower part of the dress in a similar way like Tinkerbelle's dress.

In order to get Tutu effect, sew some scarves in this area. With the help of some glitter and fabric glue make swirly shapes on the upper part of the dress. Don't hold your imagination.

When it comes to the wings, you can buy them in a store and save some time. It is best to use dark or black fairy wings. Place the wings on a newspaper and glue the designs you've made a spider web or some similar designs that look scary.

Glitter each of these items. Take some time to find the right spot for the rhinestones and glue them. It is also a good idea to use black nail polish, dark jewelry and make sure that your hair is a little bit wild and messy.

• Zarina

We have chosen this Disney fairy character because it is different than the rest. This is actually a pirate fairy. Pirates and fairies sounds like the perfect combination for Halloween, right?

A dress with purple bottom and pink top with gold sash, this is what her costume looks like. In addition, you need a pair of fairy wings, a small pirate sword and messy brown hair or wig.

Magical Wizard Costume

A wizard is a person that practices or uses magic and supernatural tools. Wizards are often found in fantasy literature and they are part of almost any culture in the world. Here are a few ideas on how to put a wizard costume together:

• Magical Wizard

Take this wizard from the image above for instance. You will basically need a dark shirt and dark pants and cover yourself with a dark/grey cloak. It is good to find and use a brooch that comes in a mysterious form. Another accessory that can make your wizard Halloween costume more interesting is to use some kind of lighting ball in your hand (you can find a toy like this at almost any toy store).

• Gandalf

This is definitely the most popular wizard from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Gandalf is a good wizard that takes care of the hobbits. Gandalf, just like most wizards, is wearing a long cloak made of wool, vest and uses a silver clasp as a weapon. He is sometimes wearing a classic wizard's hat. In order to make clear what your costume means you must wear a white wig and long white beard.

• Merlin

Merlin is one of the most famous wizards in the world's history. He was part of the King Arthur's court. Merlin has a simple outfit that consists of long tunic with wide and extra-sized sleeves and of course a pointed cap. In addition, Merlin has a long silver beard.

Fantasy Queen Costume

When it comes to some costumes, the mood, allure, and atmosphere generated by some lend themselves well to certain styles and appearances. They can also be versatile, too. One such costume idea is the self styled, "Fantasy Queen."

• The Basic Design

The Fantasy Queen is black clad woman, wrapped in a cloak or cape with a lot of leg showing, combines control, power, and allure into one incredible package. The basic costume is easy enough, and with some tweaking can be made even better.

At the core, this costume is one of regality and allure, so personal confidence is a big part of it. So are the colors. Black is an obvious choice, but dark blues and purples can work as well. The clothes can resemble a medieval or fantasy style to reflect the regal angle, but you can work around that with some frills or other design accessories to fancy up the clothes. A dress or skirt and tunic combination is an excellent start. to really sell the look, though, you need some accessories and a cloak.

• The Cloak

Cloaks and capes are thankfully a lot easier to find these days, so the largest concerns for this costume are color and cost. The nicer a cloak, like, say, a cosplay quality one, is going to be a lot more than one bought from a costume kit, for example. The cloak is part of the regal aspect, so choose carefully. Also color should complement the clothes, of course.

• Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are the accessories. If you go for the black look, a silver crown or scepter will work exceptionally well. Remember, when you wear this costume, you are a queen. While you might get away with a cheap cloak, tank top, and miniskirt, you must remember what the costume signifies and represents.

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