Fantasy Kingdom Halloween Costume Ideas

It is time to play a game of thrones. Well, not really, but fantasy costumes are always popular. Modern media has made it much more acceptable to flaunt your fantasy nerdiness, so why not enjoy that openness with some fun costumes?

Fantasy can not only be wonderful reading material or cosplay potential, it can also allow for some alluring costumes meant for more adult oriented parties and fun. If nothing else, it gives you something fun to wear while you take the kids trick or treating.

Sexy King

While going full Conan might be a bit much, you do want the appeal along with the regal look. A fancy looking cape is a great idea, though not necessary if you prefer the no capes rule. You may also want a fancy scepter as a symbol of your authority. The clothes should look like the sort of outfits seen in typical fantasy, but better made with more vibrant colors.

A costume shop can help a lot with that. For a sexier look, weather permitting, shirts are optional, of course, but don't forget the crown! Costume crowns aren't hard to find, so look for one that fits your costume and personal preference. If you want to go crazy, you could also make one, too.

Fantasy Queen

When it comes to some costumes, the mood, allure, and atmosphere generated by some lend themselves well to certain styles and appearances. They can also be versatile, too. One such costume idea is the self-styled, "Fantasy Queen."

• The Basic Design

The Fantasy Queen is black clad woman, wrapped in a cloak or cape with a lot of leg showing, combines control, power, and allure into one incredible package. The basic costume is easy enough, and with some tweaking can be made even better.

At the core, this costume is one of regality and allure, so personal confidence is a big part of it. So are the colors. Black is an obvious choice, but dark blues and purples can work as well. The clothes can resemble a medieval or fantasy style to reflect the regal angle, but you can work around that with some frills or other design accessories to fancy up the clothes. A dress or skirt and tunic combination is an excellent start. to really sell the look, though, you need some accessories and a cloak.

• The Cloak

Cloaks and capes are thankfully a lot easier to find these days, so the largest concerns for this costume are color and cost. The nicer a cloak, like, say, a cosplay quality one, is going to be a lot more than one bought from a costume kit, for example. The cloak is part of the regal aspect, so choose carefully. Also color should complement the clothes, of course.

• Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are the accessories. If you go for the black look, a silver crown or scepter will work exceptionally well. Remember, when you wear this costume, you are a queen. While you might get away with a cheap cloak, tank top, and miniskirt, you must remember what the costume signifies and represents.

Hunky Prince

The one destined to inherit the throne one day, a prince is regal, yet youthful, perhaps unsure of their future reign. As a result, they often strive to prove themselves through martial prowess. So, for the prince, you may want to have a sword or other weapon, preferably one that looks somewhat fancy but still functional. The clothes should be similar to the kings, but more muted and practical, or you can always go shirtless.

The king has duties at home to attend, while the prince must learn, travel, and even fight to be worthy of the crown. That said, prince's usually have smaller crowns, or you could wear something else, like a costume signet ring or necklace. Again, you have options, so have fun with them.

Bewitching Princess

Thanks to Disney, pretty much everyone has an idea on how a princess should look, so feel free to use that as a base. A nice dress with vibrant colors is a good start. if you want to go for a sexy look, feel free to pick a dress that works for you. Shoes should be as sensible as possible while also going for a fantasy look. If you want to go for a more adventurous look, fantasy style boots are probably easier to find. Either can be found through cosplay or renaissance festival sites.

Makeup is up to personal preference, but, if you want to base your look off a specific princess from some fantasy setting or fairy tale, feel free. Your hair should probably be done up, and some fake flowers or the like for a whimsical look might not be a bad idea, either. if you want to accentuate the fantasy angle, consider a toy dragon or such creature for the shoulder as a pet. Whether you rule or will rule, have fun and make the costume yours.

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