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Dragon Halloween Costume Ideas

Of late, the world has been obsessed with Daenerys Targaryen on the hit series Game of Thrones. Her brood of man-eating, fire-breathing dragons has reminded us of how fearsome these creatures were once imagined to be.

You can become a dragon at your next Halloween party with very little money and a small amount of effort. There are a countless number of dragon costumes available online if you'd like to go all-out; you can find green bodysuits paired with majestic wings and horns, as well as intricately-designed masks.

For most folks, though, simplicity is best. Here's how to make your own dragon costume at home without spending months doing it (and without breaking the bank)

The Hoodie

The first thing you'll need is a green hoodie and sweatpants. Your dragon can technically be any color you'd like; you can make it into a red or purple one if the mood strikes you. For this description, though, let's imagine a green hoodie. You'll need a sheet of white felt, a sheet of yellow felt, and a sheet of black felt, as well as several sheets of green felt. You'll also need a hot glue gun and plenty of hot glue sticks for ammunition.

The Horns

With the white felt, you're going to make your dragon's horns. Trace out a basic horn shape, making the bottom of the horn an inch or two longer than you actually need it to be. Cut out four pieces that match this original shape. Two of these pieces will be used for each horn. Glue your first two together, leaving the extra inch or two at the bottom of the horn unglued.

Once your horn dries, you'll attach it to the hood part of your hoodie. That extra bit you left loose at the bottom? Spread it out on either side of the horn and glue it down; this will help keep the horn upright. Repeat with the second horn.

You're going to repeat this horn technique with the green felt in order to make triangular dragon spines that run from the center of your dragon's head all the way down its back.

The Eyes

Once that's done, let's move on to the eyes. Using the yellow felt, cut out two large, almond-shaped dragon eyes and glue them to either side of the hood. The black felt will make wonderful dragon eye pupils. Cut them into little slit pupils to make your dragon look evil, or large, round pupils to make it look more friendly. Glue your pupils to the center of its eyes.

With more green felt, cut out a long dragon tail. Make it straight or make it wavy or whatever kind of dragon tail you like! This will be glued to the back of your hoodie, underneath the bottom seam so that it hangs out.

The Wings

Finally, comes your dragon's wings. For these, we're going to use a method that's similar to how we made the dragon's scales and horns. With green felt (or whatever other color you like), cut out four matching dragon wing shapes, leaving an extra two inches where the wings will attach to the back of your hoodie. Glue two of these pieces together for each wing. Once they've dried, position the first wing on the back of your hoodie.

The best way to do this is to glue the first side and let it dry before attempting to glue down the second side. This way, you know where to position the second flap in order to keep the wing upright. Once you get the wings applied and dried, you're done! Throw on those sweatpants and your new dragon hoodie and you're ready to frighten some villagers.

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