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Fun Dentist Costume Ideas

Psycho Dental Assistant

Open Wide! People tend to dislike going to the dentist, even for a simple cleaning. Fears of drills cause delays in and anxiety at the appointment. The stereotype of dentists being sadists who enjoy causing pain doesn't help, either. This makes them and their victims great Halloween costumes. They can also be easy, as long as you're not squeamish.

Put on some costume scrubs, load up on fake dental tools, and you have the perfect crazy assistant dental costume. With hands loaded up with fake instruments, looking crazy will be easy enough. For an extra dash of crazy, perhaps consider an excessive amount of floss about the costume. Just make sure to secure it so the floss doesn't get blown away in the wind.

Sadistic Dentist

A bloody dentist outfit is a great start for this sort of costume. Some ancient dental tools as props can also work, showcasing how medieval this dentist is when it comes time to get to work. That can require a bit of research and finagling of props, sure, but will also make for a great touch.

For extra history points, you could dress up as a medieval barber, since back in the day they were also dentists. For a specific sadistic dentist, though, you can dress up as the dentist (Steave Martin) from Little Shop of Horrors. It's a bit of an obscure costume in the modern age, but it gets the point across and can make for great fun. He dressed like a greaser when not at work, so you can just through a lab coat and some dental tools over that costume.

Dental Patient

There are two ways to go about this costume idea. The Stepford smiler, where the dentist did a great job on a set of immaculate teeth, or the botched job, with crooked teeth and some fake, messed up gums.

The props for either option can usually be found at a joke shop, though those are thin on the ground in the digital age. Fortunately, the internet exists, so joke teeth of multiple kinds can be found obtained for your patient costume needs. with some research and a good site, you can find the perfect set of fake teeth and other accessories for your dental patient costume.

While finding some of the odds and ends for these costumes might be tricky, it's important not to go for the genuine article. Not only are actual dental tools expensive, but they also tend to be sharp too. Safety is always paramount when it comes to costume accessories. Make sure to carefully research and select your preferred props, regardless of which costume you decide to wear. The important part is to be safe and make sure to have fun.

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