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Demon Halloween Costume Ideas

Rise from the depths of Hell this Halloween and scare your friends with a dark demon costume! Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, we all find the idea of inhuman spirits from beyond to be unsettling, especially if they're evil. Here is how to put together a costume representing one of Satan's minions:

Demons aren't usually known for their snazzy outfits, so you may just want to go with a loin cloth. Alternatively, if you're one of those metropolitan demons who likes to disguise himself as a human every, you might want to go with a suit.

If you're a dark demon, you probably want your skin tone to be some inhuman color. Perhaps a gray or jet black shade that blends in with the night would work well. You can also add other colors here and there if you want artsy demon tattoos on your skin. For your face, you can either smear it in paint, or go with a scary demon mask.

If you're not wearing a mask, or the mask doesn't come with horns already, then you're probably going to want to buy prosthetic demon horns. You can get these at most part stores and they come with adhesives to put them on your head (or other body parts).

To add an extra dimension of creepiness, you might also consider putting on pointy fake teeth. If you're a fallen angel and you can't get up, (no pun indented) then you might as well join the legions of Satan's spawn this year and dress like the dark demon you are!

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