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Halloween Decorations

For a lot of people, Halloween is their favorite time of the year. Whether it's because they like to surround themselves with the creepy, ghoulish aspects of the season, or they simply like to be able to become something completely different from their usual selves. In order to get into the spirit of the season, consider decorating your house for Halloween.

The Front Yard

The front yard will usually be a wide open space, so it will have a lot of potential for Halloween decorations. Put your creepiest decorations here to get people in the spirit as they walk up to your door. The best approach is to go with a theme.

For example, you might try building a mock cemetery with plastic gravestones that have silly names on them. If you want to be extra spooky, have some coffins laying open on your lawn, or have a few skeletal hands reaching out from under the ground.

Maybe you're a fan of buying gadgets. Getting some animatronic Halloween decorations can certain make things even scarier around your house. Go to your local Halloween store and see if you can get a life-sized zombie that moans and waves his arms as people walk buy, or maybe you can hang a cackling witch from your tree.

Animatronics that are based on recognizable horror movies that everyone is afraid of, such as The Exorcist, are particularly effective. You're sure to traumatize a few kids for life.

The House

Just as people do in Christmas, you may want to hang some festive Halloween decorative lights on your house. In this case, however, make the lighting a little dimmer and creepier. Put some cob webs all around the front entrance to your house. If you have a porch, leave a rocking chair out there with a skeleton or some other creepy accessory. Just use your imagination.

The Back Yard

This is optional, but if you want to bring a little something extra to your community for Halloween, you could build a small haunted house for people to visit when they approach your home.

Make a creepy atmosphere in the dark and hang some skeletons, bats, and cob webs and you and your friends can wear masks and scare your neighbors as they wander around. Just make sure to tone the theatrics down for very small children and very old adults, and to always have candy available at the end of the experience.

These are just some suggestions for Halloween decorations, but of course the sky is the limit. Halloween is all about exercising your imagination and making everything creepier, after all.

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