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Dark Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

The dark witch costume is a favorite amongst teenage girls and adult women. It allows them to appear gothic, evil, magical and attractive all at the same time. The main thing to remember about this costume is that all clothing and accessories should be black.

To get things going start with the hat. Dark witches are known for their long cone-shaped pointy black hats with a full brim. The very top of the hat needs to sag down a bit too. You can probably find one of these hats in a novelty store.

Clothing For clothing, the main pieces you will need are a long skirt, long-sleeve button shirt, cape, and scarf. Again, all these pieces need to be colored black. The shoes will also be black, but make sure they are high heel shoes because even witches have some style to them. At this point, you have the basic dark witch costume set up. But, you don't want to stop there because you can have a lot of fun with the makeup and accessories.

Makeup / Accessories

For your face use black lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish. For the accessories a popular choice is the broomstick with black fibers on the end. To make a one, take a regular broomstick and spray paint the fibers with black paint. You may also find a premade one in the novelty store along with the hat.

Lastly, try wearing some black jewelry. It doesn't need to be all black, though. You could wear a couple of moon rings with black gemstones and a necklace with a black diamond hanging down. Obviously, you can use fashion jewelry for this as no one expects you to purchase anything authentic.

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