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Dante's Inferno Costume Ideas

First Circle - Limbo

"Inferno," is Dante Alighieri's 14th-century poem, The Divine Comedy. It's a elaborate journey of Dante's decent into Hell, guided by the roman poet, Virgil. In the poem, there are 9 circles of Hell located within the bowls of the Earth. For each hellish circle Dante and Virgil visit, Dante has come up with some devilishly hot Halloween costume ideas for your consideration.

In "Dante's Inferno," the first circle of Hell is limbo, It's a place reserved for the unbaptized, hopeless, and virtuous pagans. Although not sinful, they did not accept Christ as their savior. As a result, these guiltless soles are damned for eternity and denied into Heaven.

Despite being Hell, Limbo is not a bad place to live. It has rolling green fields and an awesome castle. Inside the walls resides eruditely men of antiquity including Virgil himself, as well as Homer, Euclid, Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle, and many other History figures. In the poem, Dante gets to meet (and perhaps even parties) with these men of high status.

For a limbo costume I suggest wearing something that symbolizes an ancient civilization. For example, you could go as Homer, Euclid, Hippocrates, Plato, or Aristotle.

Second Circle - Lust

The second circle of Hell is for individual consumed with lust. Dante condemns people who lack proper moral judgment and succumb to their carnal desires. He writes, "The lustful our truly the first ones to be punished in Hell."

In this Hellish circle these poor souls are blown back and forth by a strong wind without rest. In the poem the wind is a metaphor - the power of lust can blow a person about aimlessly. As Virgil guides him through the first circle he hooks-up with Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and many others who lived a lustful life on Earth.

For Halloween women should dress as seductively as possible; tight jeans, loose fitting blouse, bright red lipstick and lots of makeup. Another option for women is to dress as Cleopatra, Hellen of Troy, or even Joan of Arc. (Horse and clothing optional.)

For men, were a loose-fitting shirt with flowy sleeves, make sure it has a low neckline so that people can admire your manly chest hairs. Or, better yet go shirtless if your body is hot enough. Wearing a sinful Halloween costumes would definitely catch the eye at any adult Halloween party.

Third Circle - Gluttony

A forbidding creature by the name of Cerberus guards the Gluttons, who are forced to lie in a foul slush produced by frozen rain. Virgil obtains safe passage past "Cerberus" by feeding its multiple mouths with mud.

The Gluttons are truly damned, force to lie in stinky mud, sightless and heedless. The gluttons were guilty of overindulgence in food, drink and addiction; the mud symbolizes their cold selfish empty lives.

This is an easy costume if you go with the obvious - a heavy person. If your frame isn't heavy, enough wear a fat suite. Be sure to have lots of food in hand to complete your gluttonies look. If you want to go more literal, you can cake yourself in mud representing the glutton's cold selfish life.

Fourth Circle - Greed

There are two types of people condemned in this Hellish realm, hoarders and wasters. They had lived a life of material and punished by moving large bags of money up and down a hill for eternity.

Dante tries to strike up a conversation with some of the men on the hill, but Virgil tells him not to bother, indicating that they've lost their individuality and will not respond. He also mentions that many clergymen, popes and cardinal dwell in this horrific circle.

To represent this circle properly, you need to transform yourself into a greedy person, such as a CEO or banker. Be sure to flaunt your decadent lifestyle by having lots of money dropping out of your pockets or purse. (Fake money of course?) Have a fat cigar in your mouth to complete your selfish look. If you want to go old school, you can defiantly go as a greedy religious figure. Be sure to wear traditional church attire, or a drab-colored robe.

Fifth Circle - Anger

On the swampy surface waters of the river Styx, millions of infuriated souls engage in a never-ending battle amongst themselves. While immersed below in the cold murky water you'll find the damned of the damned, they find no joy in God, man or the universe and slowly descend into the black void of oblivion.

This part of Hell is a bit tricky for costume ideas, however you should go with an angry looking mask, or even a Halloween face makeover. Be sure that the details on the face show outrage. For the rest of the costume any outfit works, however choose something that mirrors the agitated mood you're trying to portray.

Six Circle - Heretics

The Heretics occupy the sixth circle of Hell, all doomed and trapped inside hot flaming tombs for eternity. Most Epicureans find themselves in hell for their unconventional ideology and by saying, "Eat, drink and be merry, and oh yea, the soul dies with the body." I bet they regret saying that now.

Virgil indicates that the last three circles of Hell is reserved for the most wicked. They pause a few seconds before making the steep descent into foul-smelling seventh circle.

The perfect costume choice for the 6th circle is a fire theme. For example, were a large wig with fiery flames. Complete the look by wearing a shirt or blouse with a fire pattern on it.

Seventh Circle - Violence

The seventh circle houses the violent and is divided into three rings, entry is guarded by Minotaur.

Outer ring: This ring houses the violent against people and property. Sinners are forced to float in a river of boiling blood and fire, not too fun.

Middle ring: In this ring are suicides and profligates. Suicide is considered violence against self, therefor a sin. These forsaken souls are transformed into thorny bushes and trees.

Inner ring: Here are the violent against God (blasphemers) and nature. They must spend eternity walking on flaming dessert with scorching fiery flakes falling from the sky.

The last two circles of Hell can only be reached by descending a vast cliff. Dante and Virgil hitch a ride on a massive, winged monster and descend into the most horrific and darkest part of Hell.

The best costume choice for this circle is to emulate violent historical figures. For example, you could go as Bonnie and Clyde, Billy the Kid or Genghis Khan. For a , you could be the Joker from the movie Batman, or Suicide Squad. If you don't like these ideas, you can always be a thorny bush or tree.

Eight Circle - Fraud

In the eighth circle of Hell reside the fraudulent, prostitutes, pimps, flatters, thieves, corrupt politicians, and many more. These condemned souls are tossed into the chasm of Hell without pity - forced to live in human excrement with heads turned backwards, stuffed into fowl smelling holes and boiled in hot tar. Not a nice place to live or even visit.

It's easy to find ideas in this horrific circle. For example, you can be a prostitute, pimp, or even a politician, enough said.

Ninth Circle - Treachery

In the last circle resides the sinners against family, traitors against country, betrayers against God. Instead of being condemned to a fiery pit, these sinners our encased in an icy tomb, frozen and dammed for all time.

Finally Virgil and Dante make their way to the center of Hell, and find the ultimate betrayer against God, Satan - He's a horrific beast with three faces. He stands weeping, waist deep in ice, beating his massive wings. Each face has a mouth that chews a prominent traitor:

Brutus and Cassius are feet-first in the left and right mouths. They are dammed to the ninth circle of Hell for their involvement in the assassination of Julius Caesar. In the center mouth is Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Jesus Christ. His back is being skinned by Stain's razor-sharp claw, while he is being chewed...

The obvious costume choice is the devil. However, nobody ever said the devil had to be a man, for women a she-devil outfit is quite acceptable. So, there you have it, I hope you had a nice visit to the Hell. Have a good day!

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