Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Being a couple has many benefits, and one of the best ones is being able to wear a themes Halloween costume. Here is a few on my favorite couples costume ideas From Adam & Eve to Flesh Eating Zombies.

Adam & Eve Costume

The Garden of Eden - By Adam Godley

Probably the first themed partner costume was worn by Adam and Eve, so why not continue the tradition and dress as these Biblical characters with your significant other at this years Halloween party? Ready to enter the Garden of Eden this Halloween? Here's how to put such a costume together:

• No Clothing

When you get right down to it, Adam and Eve started out their lives like most of us do-naked. In fact, Adam and Eve's nudity was a major point in their story. What kind of costume is cheaper costume? You don't even have to wear clothes. In fact, the only thing you need to wear is enough self-confidence to get away with walking around without clothes.

• A Fig Leaf

Naturally, there are laws against walking around without clothes, and Halloween night is no exception. In that case, you're going to need fig leaves! Get some fake leaves and vines at the craft store and fashion a natural loin cloth for Adam and a leaf-covered bikini for Eve.

• Pre-Made Costume

Of course, you could always buy a pre-made costume that's less risque. Not all of us have the body for the Adam & Eve costume after all. In that case, you can buy a full-bodied fake skin body suit and glue on some leaves to cover up the fun bits.

There are also some commercial Adam and Even costumes that have the fig leaves already attached. Visit your local party store and see what they might have. So if you've always wanted a Halloween costume of Biblical proportions (or you and your partner just want to show off some skin), you can't go wrong with some Adam and Eve costumes.

Ghostly Couple Costume

DOA - By Paul Spirit

Being a couple has many benefits, and one of the best ones is being able to wear a themes Halloween costume. Sure, maybe people will roll their eyes, but you can also scare them out of their wits if you do it right. You'll both need dusty, pale makeup, since you're dead.

For the husband, cover your hair and beard (If you have one) with powder and that should be enough to convey the message. You can paint on some wrinkles as well, or add some scary prosthetics. For the wife, cover yourself with the same pale powder, but add some exaggerated lipstick and mascara. The contrast with be unnerving. You can also allow the mascara to run in black streaks down your face.

The clothes will depend on what era the both of you are from. If you're from a modern age, go to a thrift store and find some recently-donated clothes. Cover it in the same dust as the rest of your bodies to give it that dead look. If you want something a bit more classic, you can make your own period costumes or buy them online. Give them the same treatment and make them look as ancient as you can.

You can also tear up the clothes or add blood in imply how these ghostly figures ultimately died. Are you looking for a couples costume that will keep you together even in the afterlife? Try the bearded husband and the scared face wife as a great ghost Halloween costume set this year.

Romeo & Juliet Costume (Movie Adaption)

Star-Crossed Lovers - By Peter Verona

What better way to commemorate love than to dress as the most iconic couple in literary history - Romeo and Juliet. In Baz Luhrmann's 1996 adaptation of the famous tale, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lovestruck Romeo, while Claire Danes plays the beautiful Juliet.

• Verona Beach Costume

in the film, Romeo and Juliet wear more casual clothing at times, with the film taking place in Verona beach between members of rival gangs, as opposed to families. With Romeo, start with a pair of casual sneakers (Nike, Vans, Converse, etc.). Wear a pair of black skinny jeans, blue-denim shorts, or even cargo pants. As long as it represents a laid back, beach vibe, you are good to go. Wear a white graphic tee and a colorful Hawaiian shirt. Accessorize with a watch, necklace and anything else that you think would enhance the outfit.

For Juliet, you can wear a pair of casual shoes mentioned above, or even flip flops. Wear a long white sundress and keep your hair draped over your shoulders. To keep with the casual environment, you don't necessarily need any makeup for your face, but feel free to add any jewelry you think could work.

The best part about the Romeo and Juliet couples costume is its versatility. As you see, the concept works with the angel/knight look, but also the casual beach vibes look. If you show up to your next Halloween gathering as the iconic Romeo and Juliet, you'll be sure to make a lasting impression neither the Montague or Capulet family could deny.

• Capulet's Party Costume

At the Capulet's party I will describe the star-crossed lovers costumes as the "angel and knight" look. To start with Juliet, wear white, high-heeled shoes, and a white dress with a wide bottom. Wear your hair with a circular braid on top, but let the rest of it drape over your shoulders (which also helps to hide the dress's straps). Next, you will need a pair of angel wings, which can most certainly be picked up at your local Halloween store. Finally, feel free to get creative with the make up and jewelry or accessories.

For the dashing Romeo, wear brown or black shoes, brown corduroy or fleece pants, and a brown, long sleeved shirt. Next, wear a belt with a side strap to hold a prop sword as seen in the image. Purchase prop armor and drape it upon the shoulders and triceps. Romeo wears gold armor, but feel free to experiment with colors of your liking. Romeo wears black gloves and has slicked back, dirty blonde hair. To make the costume unique, accessorize to your liking.

Jack The Ripper / Victim Costume

Night Stalker - By Jack Holmes

As one episode of Babylon 5 said, he was a man remembered only as... Jack. An infamous serial killer in Victorian England, and apparently the one criminal Sherlock Holmes never caught...

• Jack's Back

Naturally a Jack the Ripper costume opportunities are decently varied, and yet, also not. The trick here is that any costume related to Jack is dependent on period dress. This means Victorian style clothing.

The good news, for men at least, is that Victorian clothing isn't too starkly different from modern formal ware. A black suit without the blazer, cape, cane, and dapper hat can do the trick in a pinch. That said, if you are going to imitate one of the most notorious serial killers in history, you may as well do the job right.

While costume clothing can be used for a more authentic look, the quality will likely pale to what an expert in crafting period clothing could create. That get's expensive, of course. On the bright side, shelling out for the accessories can often let you be a little lax with the clothes. A proper hat, cape, and cane will go a long way to make up for some less appropriately styled clothes. No one knew who the killer was, after all, so as long as you have the style, you have the look.

• Any Victim

As for the victim, whether a worker of the night or one of those fangirls - or boys - who fawns over brooding rebels like Jack, options are again both varied and yet limited to the period in question. Though you could go the Dr. Who route of a time traveler off to solve the case for good, only to fall in love with the killer or some such, that's skirting the spirit of a couple's costumes.

Therefore, some Victorian styled feminine clothing is in order. Generic period costume clothing can work here in a pinch, but as an embodiment of desire for a price, feel free to make the outfit a little fleshier for curb appeal, as it were. Again, period style clothing made by a cosplayer or hobbyist in the field will certainly provide the most authentic results, but that's a lot of money.

If you want a flashy, dressy outfit without the cost, one option is to cheat. The end of the West in the United States coincides with the Victorian Era, so a Western barmaid's outfit - the lacy ones where the women weren't just bartenders - can work if you keep the colors muted and add a few Victorian flares, like proper gloves and shoes.

Period costumes are always tricky because if you want to do them right, the price tag goes up quickly. On the other hand, if you go a cheaper route, you run the risk of an inferior costume. So how you go about getting down the look for your killer costume and their sexy victim is up to you.

Dominatrix / Submissive Costume

It Hurts So Good - By Brenda Paine

Do you like inflicting a bit of pain every once in awhile? If so indulge your fantasies of domination by wearing a dominatrix Halloween costume this year! Once they see you swinging around that whip, they'll know that you mean business.

• Outfit

There's an unspoken rule that a dominatrix has to wear striking colors in her costume. Usually, this will be black, bright red, or a combination of these. There are many different types of dominatrix outfits in existence, and some of them are quite creative, but the classic tight bodysuit is probably your best bet.

You can find a leather or fake leather bodysuit at your local sex shop, or you might even be able to get one from a costume store online. Alternatively, if you want to go the cheap route, you can get some any sexy looking clothing and call in a night.

• Weapons

One of the most recognizable weapons that a dominatrix uses to inflict pain is the whip or cat-o-nine-tails. You can buy a fake whip at a party store, but if you want a little more authenticity, then consider shopping at a BDSM supply store.

• A Submissive

As always, you can recruit a partner's help to make your costume more convincing. Tie them up with ropes and have them be your submissive victim. People will get a huge laugh out of that. Are you craving to be in control this season? Why not try a dominatrix Halloween costume and whip everybody into shape?

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