Cinderella Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Cinderella Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you ever read the Brother's Grimm version of this famous folktale? Now there's a disturbing tale that will get you in the mood for the darkest night of the year. Regardless of which version you choose, here's how to put it all together:

The Dress

At the center of this costume is of course the dress. Unless you want to embody Cinderella before she was sauntering around at the ball (and who does?), you're going to need an beautiful, flowing dress that reflects the attire of a fancy party.

One cheap way to do this is to simply buy a pre-made Cinderella costume. If this would look too inauthentic for you, you might be able to find some nice formal clothes at a thrift store for a reasonable price, then alter it with sequins, glitter, or other shimmering materials to give it that magical look.

The Shoes

It's unlikely that you have glass slippers laying around, and, besides, they would probably be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are transparent plastic alternatives that you can usually find online.

The Hair

You can go with the traditional Disney Cinderella up-do or you can go with something that is more in line with the modern trend of depicting heroines a bit more loosely and organically. As far as hair accessories go, this is also optional, but a nice ribbon or even a tiara could look nice.

Even if the original story behind Cinderella is a little creepy, one can't deny that this character is often an elegant and beautiful choice for women young and old. So be Cinderella this Halloween and make all the heads turn at the ball.

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