Caveman Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Caveman Halloween Costume Ideas

If looking for something unique this Halloween, perhaps the caveman/cavewomen costumes might be a good fit. It can be color coordinated, designed into fashionable patterns and is perfect for all ages and genders.

• Basic Outfit

Anthropologist know that the original cavemen used to wear leaves and animal skins to protect themselves. As a result, you consider what kind of caveman you want to be. Do you want to wear leaves, animal skins or furs? Whatever option you choose, you need to be creative with your fabric choice.

For a leafy look, use green fabric like silk to make into leaf shapes. Turn it into a skirts for woman and kimonos for males - If modest, you can wear it over a skin colored body suit. For the animal within, select a patterned velvet fabric with cheetah or leopard print in brown and yellow skins.

This costume creation is easy if you can sow, since there is no specific design you have to follow. Keep the size in mind while you get creative with the scissors and cut out as many angular sections.

• Male Cavemen

Men have so much variety to choose from when it comes to this costume. You can drape a big faux fur overall reaching your knees and hold a club to complete the look. Or you may go for a kilt made from dark colored corduroy or a furry textured fabric and put on a caveman necklace.

If you are not a fan of baring your skin, you can go for a full body Flinstone costume with triangular edges. You may also wear a costume with pants and a crossover caveman style shirt to complete the look.

• Female Cavemen

Women don't have to bare much skin because they always wore dresses, even back then. Get creative by patching different fabrics especially patterned velvet's and corduroys in random pieces and make a cool and sexy outfit.

Don't be afraid to be creative with testing different styles. You can wear a straight one piece using the same fabric or you can put different fabrics together to make a stellar dress.

• Caveman Accessories

Accessories include clubs, spears, necklaces and long wild haired wigs. Or you can make your hair messy. Add fake or real bones to create a cool bone necklace. In addition, apply some haunting black and white makeup to your face and rub dirt and grit on your clothing to complete the outfit. The caveman costumes is a great way to go back to your roots and it look unique too.

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