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Caveman Costume Ideas


Caveman costumes are a classic, thanks to old cartoons and comic strips. The design is simple and easy to make in theory, but that doesn't mean there's no room for improvement. Classic looks are great as is, but some adjustments for personal taste are fun as well. Whether going with a classic or trying something new, knowing the basics make for a great start.

For kids going trick-or-treating, the child cave person look is an easy, classic choice that is easily recognizable. The basics for such a costume are a toy club and some fake animal furs or pelts as clothing. There's no reason to just settle for that, though. To make the costume more involved, some fake teeth, makeup, and messy hair will really help setup the look.

Makeup should emphasize the eyes and brow, to give them a sooty, hard worn look. If you want some accessories, necklaces and bracelets made from fake shells and animal bones or teeth can help add some extra touches to personalize the costume.

For added fun, if time and expenses allow, consider having the kids help make the accessories. Not only will this add a personal touch, but it will also help engage the kids in new activities and experiences, plus enjoyment from working on something fun. When it comes to makeup, remember to take sensitive skin and allergies into account. This is especially true for kids, because allergies and sensitive skin are usually more pronounced and stronger with them than adults.


The costume ideas are the same as a caveboy, they just need to be larger. Finding premade cave person costumes is pretty easy for most ages, so finding the basics won't be hard. Some fake teeth and jewelry for the costume might take some searching on specialty sights, but they can be found with some research. Again, if you want to, feel free to make the bone, teeth, or shell jewelry yourself. Just remember to take time and skill into account when making them.

As for weapons, you have a few options here. You can use a toy club, of course, but you may want to consider something else, like a spear or stone sword. If you want to go the barbarian cave hero route, like Conan, a sword will work as well. Makeup and hair can be the same as the cave kid route, too. Costume or theater makeup is best for this, as regular makeup won't give you the options needed in most cases.

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