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Catman Halloween Costume Ideas

Cats can be mysterious and represent the seductive side of a person, indeed, some people even find cats scary. If you want to bring out the claws this Halloween, why not take a look at these catman Halloween costume ideas.

• Ears

Of course, the first and most important thing are your cat ears. Depending on what kind of cat you will be, these will need to match your demeanor. You can find these at any store that sells cosplay products and you can also often buy them at costume stores.

A lot of the time, commercial cat ears might be a bit too feminine, though, so keep an eye out for ones that look a bit more neutral. Perhaps try some big cat ears, like those meant for a tiger or a cougar, or make your own. You could also find a creepy cat mask, which comes with the face and the ears.

• Makeup

If you went with a mask that covers your whole face, you won't have to worry about makeup so much. However, if you just got ears, then find a face paint pattern that will give you a cat-like look. There are many ready-made kits that you can find online or in costume stores.

• Cloths

You took care of the cat part, and now the man part will be your clothes. You can choose from a different array of human threads, but a sweater is probably work best. It fits the refined, snobby attitude that cats tend to give off. Be sure to complete your look with glasses. Want to pick up the ladies as a catman this Halloween? Well, start practicing your purring voice now and put together a costume.

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