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Castaway Costume Ideas

Getting stuck on a deserted island is not fun. The haggard, worn look of someone forced to survive on their own for a potentially extended period of time does, however, make for an easy and variable costume motif. With the right touches, such a costume can be done easily and on a budget.

• Makeup

This is pretty easy, just like the rest of the costume. You're going for a rough, dirty look here, so some makeup of the right color can work. While there is theater makeup that can allow for some serious detail, regular makeup in the right colors will do just fine for this job. just, don't actually put dirt on your face for the costume.

As for hair, a tangled, messy look will help a lot with this costume, and men who can may well consider foregoing shaving for some time before the costume is needed. The same can be said for women and areas they tend to shave regularly, if they so desire.

• The Outfit

This can be pretty much anything, including the outfit Gilligan wore while stuck on that island that never seemed to run out of clothes or coconuts. You can wear an old suit jacket, jeans, khakis, or whatever to suit the desires of your costume. The clothes may need be dirtied up and torn for the full effect, depending on the situation, though. If you have some old clothes, you never wear, they can be used for this.

You can also grab something from a nearby thrift store, as clothes there are a great deal even when just regular shopping. An old hat can help too, and if you have a worn out, tattered straw hat, all the better.

• Props

The two obvious options here the Wilson volleyball form the movie, Cast Away (2000) and coconuts. Both can be easily found as needed, and, while you can probably buy fake coconuts for this, buying real ones not only adds authenticity to the costume, but also gives you fruit to eat once you're done with them.

Premade Wilson volleyballs can be bought online, but you can just buy a plain volleyball and paint it up yourself, presuming you have the time and paint. A marker can work, too. As for coconuts, fake ones can be bought from costume shops, and real ones can be found at the grocery store, obviously. If you want one broken in half to clop around like one of the Knights of the Roundtable, feel free. Anyone stuck out at sea for a long period of time will probably have at least one loose screw.

It might seem easy and cheap, but that's the point. A fun and creative costume doesn't have to be involved and expensive. You're not going to wear it very often, so saving money just makes sense. Have fun and be creative so that you can have the costume you want without shelling out the big bucks to have it made.

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