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Desert Catus Costume Ideas

• Basic Cactus

Anybody that loves Halloween costumes will assure you that the best outfits are always the most creative ones. Take a cactus for example. A green, prickly, oddly shaped plant. Surely this isn't a great idea for a costume, right? Wrong. Let's take a look see:

To start with the traditional cactus costume, you will need to purchase a light green bodycon dress. A bodycon dress is a very specific type of dress that is long and tight fitting. It is figure hugging and designed to show the curves of the body.

Be sure to pick a color that is similar to a traditional green cactus. Of course, the main characteristic of the cactus is the prickly thorns or spikes, which protect the plant from a variety of predators.

To recreate these thorns, you will need to purchase white pipe cleaners. Gather about a dozen white pipe cleaners, cut them in half at the center and fold each new piece in half. Using a single stitch of white thread, sew the pipe cleaners into the green bodycon suit, making sure to place the stitch directly over the center of the half of pipe cleaner.

As far as placement goes, it is entirely up to you where you would like the thorns to be. Keep in mind that you are attempting to recreate nature, and there is no specific ruleset. Your cactus can have as many or as few thorns as desired.

• Muscle Cactus

To create the muscular cactus costume, you will need a flesh-colored muscle morph suit, which can be purchased on Amazon for around $20. Using a light green fabric paint, apply thin layers of paint over the morph suit. Be sure to place lighter strokes over the abs and pecs, as we want to specifically highlight these parts and not drown them out.

Next, use the white pipe cleaners and stitch them into various parts of the suit. Finally, wear the morph suit and purchase some poly-fil from a local hardware store to stuff under the costume. This will create the "bulging and buffed" look on the cactus.

• Flower Cactus

Finally , we have the beautiful woman cactus costume. Here, you'll want to start with a light green skirt. Use the pipe cleaners once again to create the prickled thorn effect. Using light green body paint, color your legs, thighs, and arms the desired shade of green. Apply your usual makeup, but try to swap out your standard hues for some different green one.

Next, you will want to add a beautiful flower, either on the skirt itself or embedded in your hair. You can snag one from the garden, buy one from the store, or simply make one using red, green, and yellow construction paper by cutting out different petals and attaching to a circular "body." To finish the costume, feel free to wear green shoes or a green wig to complete your cactus fashionista look.

Note: Dark Halloween Costumes gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post

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