Butterfly Halloween Costume Ideas

Butterfly Costume Ideas

One of nature's most beautiful creations is the majestic butterfly. If you want to embody this graceful creature this season then wear a butterfly Halloween costume. Here's how to get things flying:

• Butterfly Wings

The first thing that you'll need to consider is your wings. What kind of butterfly are you? A monarch? A swallowtail? Maybe you'd rather be an imaginative butterfly that doesn't necessarily exist in nature. Either way, visit a party store or look online and choose your wings carefully. This is what will determine the color scheme of the rest of your costume. Alternatively, you can also make your own wings. For a simple pair, you can buy some mesh fabric from a fabric store and attach it to a wire frame that's shaped like wings.

• The Body

Depending on how realistic you want to get, the body can be as simple as a dress that matches the palette of your wings or you can wear a bodysuit that is designed to look like a butterfly's thorax. A simple approach might be to go with a full-body zentai suit that matches the wings.

• The Face

You have a few choices here. You can wear some makeup that matches your outfit, or you can get a mask with an insectoid look. Be careful, though, insect masks can look creepy and this might not be the impression that you're going for. Either way, you would do well to get a pair of antenna to wear on your head. So once you're ready to flutter off into the sunset and pollinate some flowers, put together a beautiful butterfly Halloween costume!

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