Burglar Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Burglar Halloween Costume Ideas

Wondered what it might be like to crawl through windows, sneak into people's bedrooms, and make off with all their jewelry? Rather than hide in the shadows, make your kleptomaniac tendencies obvious and dress in burglar cosutme this Halloween.

• Clothing

Dark clothes will allow you to blend into the night, so wear something that will keep you inconspicuous. You could also opt for a stereotypical white and black striped shirt and some black pants this is more of a caricature, though.

• Headgear

To continue with the theme of being a living stereotype, you could wear a black flat cap and recall the burglars from old movies. For something a bit more modern, you could don a ski mask or wear some pantyhose on your head. Just make sure no one mistakes you for a real robber.

• Mask

If you opt for the pantyhose, you won't need a separate mask to obscure your face from any witnesses. However, if you decided to just go with a hat, then you will need something to cover your eyes, like a domino mask.

• Accessories

Think of yourself as something of a reverse-Santa Claus. In that case, you're going to need a bag of "presents" as well, except that the presents are going to be for you. Find or make a black sack that's large enough to sling over your shoulder.

Fill it with random stuff. If you're a particularly generous burglar, you could fill it with candy and give it to people at the party. Ready to steal everyone's hearts this Halloween? Well, sneak your way through the neighborhood and wear a burglar costume this year!

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